DIY Videos

Two videos. One tub. A lifetime of hot baths.

These two how-to videos guide you through each step of tub surround installation, from hanging waterproof cement backing boards to installing the wall tile itself.

The foundation of a beautiful shower.

These four how-to videos provide detailed instructions on the preparation and installation of a shower pan. Topics covered include: pre-pan mud subfloor installation, creating a proper drain pitch, hanging cement board and tiling the shower stall.

Great meals start in a beautifully tiled kitchen.

This three part video series covers every aspect of tiling a kitchen. From walls and floors to backsplashes and countertops, everything you need to know about tiling a kitchen is covered in great detail in these how-to videos.

Dry grout: a sign of a tiling job well done.

This how-to video walks you through every step of grouting your newly tiled floor, from mixing and applying grout to sponging and applying the final brushstrokes of sealant.

Holds bar soap. Drops jaws.

A glass shelf is a great way to add functional detail to any shower. In this easy-to-follow, step-by-step how-to DIY video, you’ll learn how to install a glass shelf in your shower that will attract attention and raise the design profile of your bathroom.

Does for grout what bleach does for dingy old socks.

Stained or dirty grout can ruin the aesthetic of an entire room. This video will teach you how to easily remove stains using our specially formulated Grout Cleaner. So you can restore your tile to its original beautiful condition before the “Red Wine Incident”.

Elegant? Yes. Practical? Also yes.

Installing a carved stone shelf is the perfect way to add sumptuous detail and elegant functionality to your shower. This how-to video will walk you through each step of the installation process.

Accessorize with ceramic soap dishes, shelves and fixtures.

The Tile Shop’s large selection of ceramic fixtures allows you to add matching details to your bathroom. This how-to video will take you through the steps involved with ceramic fixture installation, from how and where to mount soap dishes to hanging shelving.

Install a corner shelf without cutting corners.

When it comes to installing anything, there is the expert way where no detail is overlooked. And there is the other way. This how-to video shows you the right way to easily install a corner shelf in your shower, without cutting any corners.

An architectural stone facing you don’t need an architecture degree to install.

Pueblo stone is a versatile architectural stone facing that’s ideal for backsplashes, focal walls and fireplaces. This video shows you how to install it from the studs out, beginning with Hardie Backer and finishing with a beautiful new architectural stone wall.