Heated Floors

Keep your tiled flooring warm with our in-floor heating system, radiating heat beneath the tile to keep your feet comfortable and your slippers tucked away in storage.

Shower Pan

Floors in showers require sloping for drainage. The Tile Shop carries special designed products to help the DIYer perfectly finish the shower floor without worrying about drainage or water damage.

Thresholds & Edging

Thresholds are available in stone and metal. Tile thresholds are used to bridge the gap between tile and other surfaces or connect two types of tile between a door opening.

Sealants & Caulk

Protect your long term tile investment with sealer. Available in different finishes, tile sealer can create a invisible protective barrier or make your tiles appear to be shiny and wet.

Tile Maintenance

A beautifully tiled home doesn’t end with installation. Protect your investment with sealant, stain removals and glass cleaners that keep your tile looking new.

Tile Cleaning

A busy life has a tendency to get busy. It’s a good thing tile is easy to clean. The Tile Shop carries daily cleaners, stain removers, and grout cleaners to keep your tile looking as fresh as the first day you layed it.


The Tile Shop carries a variety of adhesives for setting tile. Different types of adhesives are better for different types projects but no matter which type of tile you are using or where you are adhering it we have got the right solution for you.

Recessed Shelves

These pre-formed easy to install wall recessed shelves work perfect to create a shelf for shampoo in the shower or bath. Different sizes and shapes can be used in conjunction to create unique designs.

Installation Tools

Tile tools are necessary for a DIYer to accurately finish their project. The Tile Shop has a professional line of trowels, floats, sponges, cutting tools, and buckets.

Cutting Tools

Most tile project requires at least one cut. The Tile Shop carries tile cutting tools for both large and small projects. Tile wet saws, nippers, holes saws, and grinding stones.

Grout Tools

Grouting requires a special set of tools. The Tile Shop carries professional grade grout tools at DIY friendly prices : floats, margin trowels, sponges and buckets.