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6 Major Design Trends for 2022

What better time to refresh your space than the start of a new year? We’re breaking down six major home design trends you can expect to see in 2022, while giving you all the inspiration you need to incorporate them into your next renovation. From bold textures to organic shapes, there’s something for everyone at the forefront of style and design!

Warm Neutrals

One of the most prominent overall themes we’re seeing in 2022 is the embrace of soft, comforting elements–and color is no exception! While bright whites and cool-toned greys are tried-and-true options, there’s been a definite shift towards warmer, richer color palettes recently. Creamy whites, taupes, beiges, and browns are quickly becoming the new go-to hues for the cozy, inviting atmosphere they instantly lend to any space.

Featuring: Terrazo Bianco Micro. Design by @lrddesignstudio.
Featuring: Imperial Oatmeal Gloss. Design by Monika Hibbs.
Featuring: Volakas Honed and Legno Limestone. Design and build by Timber Trails. Photo by Stoffer Photography Interiors.


With many of us spending increased time at home, it has become more important than ever to bring elements of the outdoors in. Intricate floral patterns like those displayed in our Morris & Co Pure Net tiles give a nod to the charm of the English countryside, while options from our Laura Ashley and Annie Selke collections feature a variety of grounded, earthy tones and beautiful botanicals. Create an oasis-like bathroom with soft blues and muted greys that evoke the calming sense of the ocean, or achieve an invigorating atmosphere with bold greens and leafy prints that speak to the lush essence of a tropical rainforest.

Dive into the trend of coastal-inspired blues and greens for even more ideas!

Left featuring: Annie Selke Flora Vapor Blue. Right featuring: Morris & Co. Pure Net Linen.
Featuring: Color Market Auckland Subway and Penny Round Matte White. Design and Photo by Fox Homes.

Artisanal Handmade-Look

One of our favorite recent trends that is only growing more popular in 2022, handmade-look tile brings an effortlessly whimsical feel to any design with its unique artisanal style. Beautifully imitating the nuances found in tile that’s authentically crafted by hand, such as uneven surface texture and color variation, this style creates one-of-a-kind dimension and interest while maintaining a softer overall appearance.

Learn more about the special characteristics of handmade-look tile, and see some of our favorite spaces featuring it, here.

Featuring: Riad White. Design by I SPY DIY.
Featuring: Mallorca Grey. Design by Timber Trails. Photo by Stoffer Photography Interiors.


If you’re looking for an easy way to create a striking focal point, sculptural tile is your answer! While it’s true that sculptural/3D tile has been around for a number of years, it’s certainly having a moment in 2022 as designers and DIY-ers are embracing texture and utilizing tile as a true artistic element like never before. With styles ranging from bold geometric patterns to gentle flowing waves, you’re sure to find the perfect option to achieve that wow-factor.

We have a more in-depth breakdown of the sculptural tile trend here, where you can also see it used in a range of unique spaces.

Featuring: Folhas Quartzo AC.
Featuring: Harmony Silverleaf Mosaic Travertine. Design + Photo by Annie Selke.
Featuring: Cube Gold. Design and Build by Construction2Style. Photo by Chelsie Lopez Production.

Organic Shapes

Continuing the theme of soft and comforting elements is the use of more organic shapes. Whether it’s through tile installations, structural designs, fixtures or decor pieces, you’re sure to see more curved lines, rounded shapes and arched details this year. In contrast to ultra-modern design that offers a sense of order and structure with crisp lines and rigid elements, organic shapes tend to feel approachable and harmonious by representing a more natural state, instantly easing the atmosphere in any room.

Keep an eye on our new arrivals as we have a number of gorgeous tiles coming (very!) soon that fit this trend perfectly.

Featuring: Imperial Blush Gloss Mosaic. Photography by Trevor Tondro.

Custom Patterns

As more and more people are reinventing their style and taking creative risks–which we love to see–the final trend we’re highlighting for 2022 is custom tile patterns. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to the one-of-a-kind designs you can achieve – all you need is a little creativity!

If you’re looking for help getting started, we’ve got an entire blog post dedicated to our favorite custom tile patterns that’ll be sure to spark some inspiration.

Featuring: Color Market Subway in DijonHighlandApacheAmsterdamAubergine, Aquamarine, Blush, Diesel, HavanaPatagonia and Mandacaru. Design by Fox Homes. Photo by Press Play Media.
Featuring: Penny Round Gloss White and Penny Round Matte Black. Design and photography by Chris Loves Julia.

That’s a wrap on these six major trends for 2022! We hope you’re feeling inspired and energized to try something new in your next design. If the last few years taught us anything, however, it’s the importance of having a home that brings you joy, comfort, and inspiration. So keep in mind that the ultimate design trend is creating a space that reflects you. Cheers to more beautiful, meaningful spaces in 2022!

You can find even more inspiration on Instagram and our Customer Room Gallery where our tiles are used in a variety of real spaces! Or, if you’re looking for some guidance on an upcoming project, set up a free design consultation to get advice from our tile experts.

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