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Reclaimed wood, antique furnishings and upcycled thrift store finds—what’s old is new again. It makes perfect sense that trends like rustic farmhouse are becoming more and more popular. When it’s easier than ever to get any home decor pieces you want, it’s also easy to end up with a look without a lot of character. People crave uniqueness in their home designs, and that’s where handmade tile comes in. Whether it’s vintage, handmade or just looks handmade, incorporating a unique touch makes for a warmer, cozier room.

The handmade-look Star tiles in blue, black and orange

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What is Handmade Tile?

Handmade tile (or handmade-look tile) contains subtle imperfections that make it look like each tile was handcrafted individually. This gives them a richer feel that softens and adds individuality to your room’s look. When many elements of your decor are made to look perfect, handcrafted tiles are an element that you can add to incorporate imperfect rustic charm and personality into your home.

How to Use

If you love subway tiles but are afraid of your space looking too generic or stark, handmade-look subway tiles are a great option. They have the same classic shape but with a warm, vintage feel.

Stone and brick tiles naturally vary making them wonderful options for adding character to your home. But you can also get the same imperfect look with porcelain and ceramic tiles that replicate brick or stone. New processes in tile production mean that you can replicate almost any look in an easy-care ceramic or porcelain. Plus, nothing gives the walls or floors of your home an industrial loft look like weathered brick.

If the rest of your decor is in the traditional style, incorporating handmade-look tiles will make the whole space look more contemporary. Mix with trendy open shelving in a kitchen for a transitional look.

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