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Your Guide to Luxury Vinyl Tile

If you’re looking for a flooring solution that can stand up against the wear and tear of everyday life while achieving the timeless appearance of natural wood or stone, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) may be the perfect choice for you.

Why Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Luxury vinyl tile is a compelling flooring option for both homes and businesses for many reasons. Our newly expanded assortment of LVT features reinforced wear layers that provide the ultimate protection against splashes, scratches, messes and more. With incredible durability, LVT is ideal for high-traffic areas in commercial buildings, as well as residential spaces such as laundry rooms, home gyms, mudrooms and more.

Features and Benefits

So, what exactly are the features of LVT that make it a top choice by homeowners and trade professionals alike? With wear layers ranging from 12 – 20 mil., all of our LVT planks are 100% waterproof and scratch-, stain- and dent-resistant, providing maximum durability and longevity. Beyond that, our LVT planks offer DIY-friendly installation with a simple click-lock system, sound absorption, added underfoot comfort, and compatibility with radiant heated flooring systems for year-round warmth.

Authentic Appearance

Durability doesn’t mean compromising on good design. With a variety of wood- and stone-look planks, our selection of luxury vinyl tile has beautiful options for every style and taste. Love the appearance of classic hardwood? Find shades ranging from soft blonde to rich brown with realistic graining and knotting. Looking for something a little more luxurious? Vivid veining and smooth finishes bring marble- and stone-looks alive with opulence.

Once you’ve chosen your style, be sure to explore our extensive selection of coordinating LVT trim to give your floors a seamless, finished look.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install luxury vinyl tile?

Installation is a breeze for DIYers and trade professionals alike. LVT is easy to cut and simply snaps, clicks or locks together. For additional installation guidance, we recommend referencing the manufacturer product information for full installation instructions.

Where can you install luxury vinyl tile?

LVT can be installed in a variety of rooms across homes and commercial spaces. Each plank provides added comfort and durability with increased thickness and reinforced wear layers, ideal for common areas like kitchens, living rooms and basements, and more niche areas like laundry rooms, home gyms, mudrooms and beyond.

What materials can be used underneath luxury vinyl tile?

Most LVT does not require underlayment. However, moisture barriers and foam padding are commonly used to offer added protection and comfort. We recommend consulting an installation expert at one of our showrooms and the manufacturer product information.

How do you clean luxury vinyl tile?

Sweep or vacuum LVT to quickly remove dirt and prevent scratches from larger particles. Wipe down LVT with a damp cloth or mop and a gentle cleaning solution (E.G. A mild detergent mixed with hot water and white vinegar). Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia or cleansers containing these ingredients.

Is luxury vinyl tile better than traditional tile?

Similar to apples and oranges, LVT and traditional tile floors both come with their advantages. Both are comprised of long-lasting materials that offer timeless visual appeals. We recommend speaking with a tile expert at your local Tile Shop to determine which option is right for you.

Ready to start shopping for your new go-to flooring product? Explore our entire assortment of luxury vinyl tile today!

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