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Inserto Tile

Incorporate an inserto into your tile design to break up a large, uniform area or to create a stunning focal point. Our decorative tile features mosaics of roosters and moose, stamped designs, rich patterns, and murals of earthy Italian villas. Travertine and marble combine for sharp contrast, while antiqued metallic accent tiles can give your design the romantic look of an ancient relic.


$ 5.99 Each
Blue, red and purple slate rectangles with rusted copper streaks are set wide apart from complementing ivory and gold-tinted squares.

$ 8.99 Each
Pyramid-shaped inserto that comes to a point in the middle of a detailed, symmetrical gold leaf pattern atop a gold and teal base.

$ 8.99 Each
A radial sun design dominates the middle of this large inserto, with a color palette composed of bright metallic silver and dark gray.

$ 9.99 Each
This painted decorative tile features a yellow and blue border with a diamond motif.

$ 9.99 Each
This painted decorative tile features a blue and tan border with a diamond motif.

$ 15.99 Each
Distressed ceramic with red, yellow, and green floral design inside a diamond-shaped ribbon pattern.

$ 69.00 Each
Brilliant silver-tinted ivory ovals bordered by unique noir travertine squares and laid out evenly between sections of small pearl white marble squares.