Laundry Room Tile Design Ideas

In rooms that are prone to moisture, there is no better choice than tile. It’s easy to clean and protects your mess-prone floors. Keep your laundry room feeling neat and clean with surfaces you can easily wipe down.

black and white checkered tile

Black and white checkered tile is a classic look that we love for laundry rooms.

2018 Laundry Room Tile Design Trends

If you’re spending a decent amount of time there, the laundry room is just as important as any other room in your home—treat it like it is. Many people create a “happy place” with unique style to do the laundry instead of relegating the laundry to a dark corner of the basement. While we can’t make doing the laundry the highlight of your day, designing your laundry room with as much care as you would any other room will help make it a place you don’t mind spending time in.

black and white mosaic tile

This mosaic tile adds an interesting twist to the typical black and white color pattern.

ceramic encaustic floor tile design

If you want to add a bold vibe to your laundry room, consider a ceramic encaustic floor design.


Dust, fuzz, moisture—protect your laundry room floors from all of these with an easy-to-clean, durable tile floor. Since many laundry rooms also double as mudrooms, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to wipe up dirty areas with a damp rag. Heavier messes can easily be cleaned with The Tile Shop’s Superior Grout and Tile Neutral Cleaner. Laundry room tile isn’t just utilitarian—it’s also beautiful and versatile, adding style, color and texture to your home.

mosaic floor tile

The subtle pattern of this mosaic tile adds a stylish touch to this laundry room.

grey floor tile idea for laundry

We love installing grey tile in laundry rooms because it creates a vibe that’s cool and comfortable.

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Backsplash Designs

Laundry room backsplashes are becoming quite popular because it’s a place to show your personality and brighten up the space (and maybe even make doing the laundry a little more fun!). Since it is usually separate from the rest of your house, many people use their laundry room backsplash tile to add a bright color or pattern, like with encaustic or encaustic-look tiles, interesting mosaic or something bolder than they’d normally use in the rest of the house. Hexagons, arabesques, 3-D tiles and mosaics all work perfectly to serve as a backsplash and accent.

mosaic laundry backsplash

Combine multiple tile patterns on your backsplash to add interesting contrast that stands out.

white subway tile backsplash

Choosing white subway tile for your laundry room is always a smart, stylish idea.

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Design Tip: Choosing Materials

Ceramic, porcelain, marble, glass, travertine…when there are so many options, it can be hard to know what tile material to choose. Man-made tiles, like porcelain and ceramic, are not only durable, but they come in an almost-endless selection. Different colors, shapes and finishes mean that there is always a perfect tile for your project. Stone tiles also offer a large variety of naturally occurring variations but have different care properties. There’s no one perfect tile for everyone—it just depends on the look you want to achieve. The Tile Shop has a large selection of tiles that’s growing everyday, so there’s always something new to discover.

black hex porcelain tile

Floors with larger hexagonal tiles can make your room feel more spacious.

travertine mudroom tile

Large-format grey stone tile adds a contemporary touch to this mudroom.

white glass tile idea for laundry room

Here’s a great example of how a bold tile pattern can add some pop to a white laundry room.

Design Tip: Choosing Colors

For your floors, choosing a non-slip tile that doesn’t show the dirt can be a good idea to help hide messes if your laundry room doubles as a mudroom. Your laundry room’s backsplash is a place to have fun. A bright and cheerful color, design or pattern livens up the space while being durable and functional. Blue, green, red, pink, silver and even metallics are all options for your laundry room wall tile.

colorful tiled laundry room floor

This laundry room uses colorful natural stone tile to set a rustic mood.

neutral laundry floor tile

Even a room with a neutral color palette can mix and match patterns to leave an impact.

white laundry room tile

White tile flooring is effective in creating a clean, bright atmosphere in your laundry room.

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