Patterns for Different Tile Materials

Tile Layout Ideas by Material

From ceramic to porcelain to natural stone, the material you choose for your tile installation can drastically impact the character of your floors and walls. Learn about different patterns and layouts to get some inspiration then stop in to The Tile Shop location near you to check out more examples in person.

1. Best Patterns for Ceramic Tile

The wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes and designs available in ceramic tile means that there’s no limit to the ways you can customize the layout in your home. Available in plank, hexagonal, square, rectangular, mosaic and more, there’s a ceramic tile that will work for any pattern you have in mind, from offset to Versailles and everything in between.

vertical offset ceramic tile pattern

Whether they’re installed vertically or horizontally, on the walls or on the floors, rectangular tiles are popular option for their versatility.

grid ceramic floor tile pattern

A simple square tile achieves a new level of style when it’s emblazoned with a stunning, vintage-inspired pattern.

grid ceramic wall tile pattern

Creating a grid pattern with your ceramic wall tiles offers a different twist on a well-loved shape and style.

offset ceramic tile pattern

Some patterns are classics for a reason. You’ll never tire of this timeless, offset subway tile pattern.

2. Best Patterns for Wood Plank Tile

While planks are the most popular style of wood-look tile, it’s also available in hexagonal, chevron and mosaic shapes. Most faux-wood floors have a staggered plank layout, but patterns like herringbone can make your tile floor more modern and interesting.

wood tile pattern

Wood look has come a long way. This mosaic combines the traditional appearance of wood with an unexpected color and pattern.

wood plank tile pattern

Install a classic wood-look plank pattern on the walls for a fresh take on this style.

wood floor tile pattern

This fearless installation of hexagonal, colorful wood-look tile is greatly rewarded with a completely unique floor.

herringbone wood tile pattern

Wood-look tile in a herringbone pattern adds elegant, modern appeal to the floors of your living area.

3. Best Patterns for Travertine Tile

The natural tones of travertine add warmth and texture to your walls and floors, and installing tile in an engaging layout like Versailles will add a whole new dynamic to the room.

Versailles layout travertine tile

This Versaille pattern allows the naturally varying colors and veining of travertine stone to shine.

stacked travertine wall tile pattern

Flip your favorite travertine tile on its head for a pattern that visually extends the height of your room.

offset travertine tile pattern

A bolder, dark-colored travertine is a modern way to incorporate natural stone into your shower design.

diagonal travertine backsplash pattern

When you combine multiple pieces from a travertine collection together, you can create coordinated pockets of interest, like this framed backsplash.

4. Best Patterns for Marble Tile

Marble tile is available in shapes like hexagonal, arabesque, mosaic, herringbone and many more. Installing large-format marble flooring is a way to add elegance and luxury in your home.

arabesque marble tile pattern

This dappled, green-toned marble gives one-of-a-kind coloring to a backsplash or accent wall and is further accentuated by the elegant arabesque shape.

stacked marble tile pattern

Clean lines and flowing veining define this elegant tile design.

diamond marble tile pattern

There’s no better way to call attention to a unique marble mosaic than framing it out with coordinating trim pieces.

marble mosaic floor tile pattern

How do you incorporate multiple patterns in the same room without the look getting too busy? Just make sure they are all coordinating colors, like these marble subway tiles and mosaics.

5. Best Patterns for Slate Tile

Since it’s available in everything from large-format squares to thin bars to wide planks, there are a variety of layouts available for your slate tile installation. Add some personality and depth with a Versailles, brick or broken natural pattern.

diagonal slate tile pattern

Simply turning these square tiles on the diagonal completely changes the look.

offset pattern slate tile

An offset pattern works well with large-format tiles because it keeps the tiles as the focus and minimizes the amount of grout lines.

stacked slate floor tile pattern

This stacked slate tile floor pattern evokes the feeling of an outdoor patio, adding a natural element to your installation.

slate backsplash pattern

The natural look of slate works well in this rustic bathroom.

6. Best Patterns for Porcelain Tile

There are countless layouts that work well with porcelain tile. Herringbone, diagonal (or 45-degree angled) lay, straight lay, brick lay and pinwheel are just a few of the interesting patterns that will make your floors and walls stand out.

porcelain tile herringbone pattern

This herringbone patterned floor featuring contrasting tile and grout colors undeniably makes a statement.

1/3 offset porcelain tile pattern

Marble-look porcelain tile takes on high-end appeal in an offset pattern.

offset porcelain floor tile pattern

Do not adjust your computer monitor. These are indeed porcelain, wood-look tiles, laid in a classic plank pattern to mimic the wood look even further.

grid porcelain floor tile pattern

Perfect for commercial or residential locations, we love a grid pattern with these polished, large-format porcelain tiles.

7. Mixing Materials

When installing your tile, don’t be afraid to mix materials like ceramic, wood look and natural stone. Selecting patterns in similar colors is a way to make different materials fit seamlessly together. Mosaic tile is available in a mix of materials like glass and travertine, allowing you to create a unique blend of hues and finishes.

ceramic and glass mix tile pattern

Choose one color from a mosaic to pull out and use on the walls for a perfectly coordinated shower.

glass and marble mix tile pattern

Mirrored subway tiles and a stunning mirror-accent mosaic are a match made in metallic heaven.

marble and stone mixed tile pattern

Mixing diamante-shaped white marble and large-format black rectangular tiles teaches a lesson in doing contrast the right way.

metal and brick mixed tile pattern

There’s nothing like brick-look tile and brushed metallics to create a modern industrial space.

It can be helpful to check out our different patterns in person so you can view (and touch) the different styles for yourself. Our expert store associates at The Tile Shop are an excellent resource if you want to learn more.

Nothing beats seeing the tile in person. Come in to browse our huge selection of tile options at a store near you.