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$ 15.99 Sq Ft
This off white marble features a uniform appearance with intermittent veins of grey and sable brown.

$ 10.99 Sq Ft
Natural beauty and enduring elegance combine with this copper rust mosaic tile. This dark slate tile has a natural tumbled finish and features deep blue and green marbling mottled with burnt red on a background of subtle grey. With its wide variation and rich mix of warm and cool tones, this durable, natural slate tile brings visual interest and earthy texture to the walls and floors of entryways, kitchens, baths and showers.

$ 11.99 Sq Ft
Mosaics of bold slate tiles with natural texture and a varying gray and yellow palette.

$ 18.99 Sq Ft
Cool breezy hues of sage green and grey seem to glow from within these tiny glass gems. A stunning mosaic that is sure to be the centerpiece of your design.

$ 14.99 Sq Ft
Pearly white tiles with uniform crystalline flecking.

$ 10.99 Sq Ft
Veins of soft cool grey undulate throughout creating interesting and intricate patterns. Pockets of milky white nestle up to licorice swirls of black as if being gently mixed together.

$ 18.99 Sq Ft
These opalescent glass gems adapt to many color profiles. Its glossy surface sparkles like bubbling champagne. A palette of Icy white and Pearl make the St. Lucia glass mosaic extremely versatile. Use an an accent or as a feature wall installation. Either way, this stunning mosaic is sure to make a statement.

$ 10.99 Sq Ft
Leaden mosaic tiles with ridge-like striation.

$ 12.99 Sq Ft
Craft a rustic shower design with the Dusty Grey Pebbles. This river rock tile invigorates your feet with its rounded, organic texture and flat cut, letting you luxuriate in the free feeling of stepping through a cool stream. In shades of tan, brown, grey and light pink, this pebble mosaic tile features a natural finish for a soft, dusty look. Fossil-like striations add movement for an energetic feel.

$ 23.99 Sq Ft
Soft and serene, the Beach Blend Amalfi glass tile offers a breezy palette of cool tans for a look inspired by the sand and sea. This mosaic tile features a mix of glossy and frosted glass finishes to produce a delicately varied appearance that's ideal for bathroom walls and shower surrounds.

$ 12.99 Sq Ft
Elegant white marble with dark gray and tan veining.