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$ 12.99 Sq Ft
Smooth, soapy-white stone mosaic tiles with a green tint to their background.

$ 15.99 Sq Ft
This polished mosaic is composed of small segments of the luxurious Biltmore marble. Featuring a color palate that ranges from lighter tones of crisp white and more dominant hues of mint and sea green. Scattered fields of emerald green throughout.

$ 13.99 Sq Ft
Smooth, soapy-white stone with a green tint to its background.

$ 14.99 Sq Ft
Visually textured white stone overlaying a minty-green-tinged background.

$ 15.99 Sq Ft
The Biltmore marble tile combines modern elegance and a subtle color palette. This subway tile features shades of blue-green and white, as well as a light mint green undercolor and a polished finish, adding a naturally textured look and an element of depth. The simple, streamlined design will light up the walls and floors of baths, showers, kitchens or any home areas.

$ 14.99 Sq Ft
Smooth, soapy-white stone with a green tinted background.

$ 16.49 Sq Ft
Showcase your singular style and exquisite taste when displaying the Liria Negro encaustic cement wall and floor tile by Fired Earth Ceramic Works. Hand-colored and hand-pressed, this 8" square encaustic tile adds Old World charm to your space in a contemporary way. White, black and grey in a high-contrast design create a regal pattern that will enliven your room as floor or wall tile. In a matte finish, this cement tile provides a look that you will cherish and admire for years to come.

$ 16.49 Sq Ft
Elevate your rooms to a new level of style with the Villandry Azure encaustic tile from Fired Earth Ceramics. This 8" x 8" cement tile boasts an ornate Victorian design shaped by white, grey-blue and taupe patterning. Pressed and colored by hand for use as a floor tile or wall tile, it helps create an elegant, welcoming atmosphere everyone is sure to love.

$ 16.49 Sq Ft
Increase the personality of your living space with the Talavera encaustic tile by Fired Earth Ceramics. Bright and cheerful, this cement tile is ideal for sprucing up the kitchen or laundry room. Hand-pressed and hand-colored with geometric and floral patterns, this 8" x 8" white wall tile, with navy and grey designs, works equally well as a floor tile.

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$ 16.49 Sq Ft
Design your space in exceptional style when incorporating the Cheverny Blanc encaustic cement wall tile and floor tile from Fired Earth Ceramic Works. In a convenient 8" square, this hand-colored and hand-pressed encaustic tile features a white background decorated with shapely curves in light blue and grey. Whether displayed as wall tile or on the floor, this cement tile in a matte finish is sure to be the crowning achievement of your space.

$ 9.99 Each
Polished white stone with a slight sheen overtop a green-tinged background.

$ 9.99 Each
Complete an elegant theme with the Biltmore Brushed Somerset marble tile trim. With its inviting mint green color, overlaid with lacy white stippling, this natural stone tile trim will illuminate even the smallest of spaces, making it an ideal choice for finishing a kitchen, bath or shower. The brushed surface and soft color palette provide the detail to define and separate your stone tile patterns or to put the finishing touch on a shower bench or kitchen countertop.