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These luxurious, innovative Armani/Roca designs bring unique, high-fashion concepts to life in homes everywhere. This sophisticated tile collection has been conceived while maintaining the inimitable style and philosophy that Giorgio Armani applies to home decor design. Featured in this collection of large-format porcelain tiles, Roca’s exclusive Rock & Rock technology ensures high performance from three incredibly textured finishes: Greige Cannetée, Nero Shagreen and Off-White Lattice.

Armani & Roca Collection

$ 14.99 Sq Ft
This wall and floor tile should be experienced firsthand to be fully appreciated. New technology was developed by Rock & Rock specifically for this line of tiles to produce the fine texture that makes the Shagreen finish look like real leather. Because of this, the large format tile elevates a room and adds a luxurious feel. Cover a wall floor to ceiling in this porcelain tile for instant drama or use as a rich decorative accent piece.

$ 14.99 Sq Ft
This lightly textured deep grey porcelain tile will fill any room with luxury from top to bottom. The exclusive Rock & Rock technology gives this tile a unique finish and texture you won't find anywhere else. As a large format tile, you'll maximize the coverage of your walls or floors with few seam lines. If any porcelain tile can change your mind about decorating with dark colors, it's this high-fashion tile from Armani/Roca.

$ 14.99 Sq Ft
If you can't tell exactly what color this large format tile is, that's a good thing. Greige, also known as the combination of grey and beige, is sometimes described as the 'perfect color' when it comes to home decor. It straddles the line between warm and cool tones, letting you have it both ways and affect how the color appears in your home with what you place around it. The lightly textured pattern of this porcelain tile is warm and welcoming on the walls or floors of any room of the house.

$ 14.99 Sq Ft
This unique porcelain tile color might just be the answer you've been looking for if you can't decide if you want to choose cool grey tones or warm beige tones in your decor. Greige, also known as the combination of grey and beige, is sometimes described as the 'perfect color' when it comes to home decor. This large-format tile by Armani/Roca offers simple elegance and a lightly textured matte finish, created by Rock & Rock technology. Greige might just become your new favorite neutral.

$ 14.99 Sq Ft
Looks can be deceiving, and this porcelain tile by Armani/Roca offers much more than initially meets the eye. The light, luxurious texture, made possible by technology from Rock & Rock, creates a feeling of warmth instead of starkness. The large-format tile also covers walls and floors cleanly and with fewer visible seams than smaller tiles, opening up the space. Opt for this beautiful, neutral tile to bring soft and elegant style to your space.

$ 14.99 Sq Ft
Lighten up your space with these large format wall and floor tiles from Armani/Roca. The off-white color opens up any room and the lattice texture, created by technology from Rock & Rock, keeps the look warm and elegant. These porcelain tiles are the perfect neutral backdrop for any color scheme and elevated style of decor.