Glass and stone mosaic tile

Mosaic glass and stone tile is an easy way to add a fun mix of color and personality to your kitchen backsplash or a shower wall in the bathroom. Light beautifully reflects off this glass tile mix to enhance the ambience of the room with bold colors and earthy tones. The mosaic tile is found in a number of different shapes and can enhance any area when coupled with other glass tile.

Glass & Stone Tile Mix

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$ 24.99 Sq Ft
Modern and sleek, the Austin Glass Weave mosaic tile updates your bathroom or kitchen for a versatile and timeless look. Rectangles of cool, silvery glass tile offer the appearance of a three-dimensional surface with a mix of polished and frosted finishes. Between each piece, a square stone tile injects a soft, light mauve hue for a natural, grounding look. The end result is an elegant woven design.
$ 21.99 Sq Ft
A blend of dusty grey tones of stone, metallic glass, and stainless steel pieces.
$ 19.99 Sq Ft
Bring a contemporary feel to your wall with the West Hampton Blend of glass and stone tile. Ranging in colors from dark chocolate to lighter creamy hues, this modern mosaic tile adds a natural ambience to your kitchen, bathroom or living room, whether accenting a wall or providing a backsplash.
$ 21.99 Sq Ft
The Vashon Island Mix Stria stone tile offers a pleasing blend of several types of marble ranging in color from dark caramel and espresso tones to lighter shades of cream and cappuccino. A variance in the size of the individual pieces provides an interesting dimension to this mosaic tile, while the mesh backing makes this item perfect for an accent wall or backsplash application.
$ 17.99 Sq Ft
Beige and yellow swirled stone with filled and polished crystal deposits interspersed with khaki and brown glass.
$ 21.99 Sq Ft
Heavily swirled stone tile in shades from cream to mahogany interspersed with dark khaki glass.
$ 19.99 Sq Ft
Alternating marble and glass tiles in fresh, bright whites and light grays.
$ 24.99 Sq Ft
The Vail Shimmer Stria stone tile infuses a modern combination of stone and glass tiles for a bold, contrasting look. Oblong pieces of natural slate coupled with olive, grey and white glass give this mosaic tile a varied appearance. The blend of crackled, matte, glossy and cleft textures adds layers and depth, making this item an extremely versatile coordinating piece.
$ 39.99 Sq Ft
Decorate your shower or fireplace with the rich warmth of the Australia Canberra stria mosaic tile. These long, rectangular tiles vary in length for a staggered design that adds depth to your decor. Marble tile in caramel cream and toffee tan hues blends into a delicious confection. Frosted dark chocolate and glossy metallic amber glass tiles contrast the stone tile to provide the dimension you crave.
$ 19.99 Sq Ft
The Tile Shop brings you a balanced combination of colors and textures to liven up your floors and walls. The 12" x 12-1/2" Legno Stria glass mosaic tile will enhance decors from transitional to modern and retro with a mix of light grey marble and olive-tinged, crackled glass. Both stone tile and glass tile elements create a brick-like look that complements fireplaces, baths and showers. A polished surface reflects light to give the room a refreshing sparkle.
$ 59.99 Sq Ft
A monochromatic mix of gunmetal gray marble, black glass and abalone rectangles.
$ 24.99 Sq Ft
Inspired by the warm, luxurious coastlines of Italy, the Riviera Beach Mix stria mosaic tile features the hues of a sun-dappled beach. Veined travertine tile in hues of sandy mauve combines with glass tile ranging from slate grey to black for a highly varied, warm design. The polished surface on the glass and stone tile creates a clean look that shines.
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    • Accent (68)
    • Backsplash (68)
    • Wall (68)
    • Floor (60)
    • Shower Pan (30)