Metal mosaic tile

Sleek and modern, metal tile creates a sophisticated look for your walls. Choose between stainless steel or different metallic tones and glass hues for a rich appearance. Whether you are looking for simple smooth squares, a classic grid design or something more contemporary such as mosaic brushed rounds or thin brushed strips, these metal mosaic tiles bring a texture perfect for backsplashes, bathrooms or fireplaces.

Metal Mosaic Tile

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$ 19.99 Sq Ft
This stainless steel metal tile sets an elegant tone with contemporary appeal to the design of your space. This mosaic tile gives your walls clean lines and brightens the room with its reflective surfaces. These rectangular tiles perfectly align for a modern look whether you're accenting a bathroom or looking for a kitchen backsplash tile.
$ 27.99 Sq Ft
This sleek metal tile adds dimensional style to the modern design of your space. This stainless steel penny mosaic tile brightens any room with its cool tones and reflective surfaces. Metallic elements add a distinctive look that will renew a kitchen backsplash, fireplace or shower wall with contemporary appeal.
$ 19.99 Sq Ft
Gray steel squares arranged closely together for a look that’s the ultimate in modern sleekness.
$ 27.99 Sq Ft
Clean lines in a metallic finish complete the ultimate modern design of your space, as found with this Stainless Steel Cardine metal tile. Constructed from durable stainless steel, this mosaic tile sets an elegant tone in your kitchen or bathroom. The cool hues offer a tranquil vibe, allowing your family and guests to feel perfectly at ease in your home.
$ 36.99 Sq Ft
Embrace an earthy and industrial combination with the Daytona Beach Mix stria mosaic tile. Modern and multidimensional, these long, rectangular strips inject reflective shimmer into your design. Glass tiles sparkle with iridescent gold flakes that introduce the feeling of depth. They contrast with metal tiles added throughout for a clean, sharp blast of brushed stainless steel.
$ 32.99 Sq Ft
Reflective glass and metallic elements form the modern style of this mosaic tile. This metal tile combines a contemporary mix of brushed stainless steel and various cool tone shades of glass. Each tile's arrangement of narrow horizontal bars infuses luminous dimension and subtle shine, ideal for kitchen backsplashes, fireplaces and bathroom accents.
$ 24.99 Sq Ft
Your kitchen, bathroom or fireplace will look sleek and modern with this brushed copper metal tile. With natural metallic tones, this mosaic tile is crafted with tiny squares and has a brushed finish. Your room will come to life with the variation of color, whether you're updating a backsplash or shower wall.
$ 24.99 Sq Ft
This brushed metal tile adds modern dimension to your home. With natural metallic tones, this copper penny mosaic tile has a brushed finish that offers subtle sheen with rich variation of color and texture. Metallic elements add a distinctive look that will renew a kitchen backsplash, fireplace or shower wall.
$ 24.99 Sq Ft
The Vinton metal tile features dark stainless steel for a polished, contemporary look. This stainless steel mosaic tile serves up a sleek modern style to your walls and also helps brighten the room with its reflective surfaces. Different sized squares and rectangles perfectly align for a dramatic look whether you are accenting your bathroom or searching for a perfect kitchen or backsplash accent.
$ 31.99 Sq Ft
Fired Earth Metal Works sparks a bold, versatile look for your home with a composite glass/metal tile. Warm and cool at the same time, this mosaic wall tile brings together thin strips of stainless steel and brushed bronze tiles with copper and grey glass that will highlight your rooms with a metallic sheen and polished glass gleam. Modern and transitional decors will get a boost from this metal tile's extraordinary style.
$ 24.99 Sq Ft
The future is now thanks to the smooth, three-dimensional look of this metal tile. An array of small convex and concave metal tiles creates this mosaic tile. Dark and light shades of stainless steel form a sleek modern accent for your bathroom or kitchen walls and catches light in a dramatic fashion.
$ 24.99 Sq Ft
Add extra personality to your kitchen, bathroom or fireplace with the Champagne Athens metal tile from Fired Earth Metal Works. A creative cross between our corinth and stria patterns, this mosaic wall tile is elegant and sophisticated with champagne-colored brushed bronze in a strong geometric pattern. Straight-edge panels in varying lengths and widths create an engaging look that's warm and shimmery. Matching trim is also available.
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