Granite mosaic tile

Add the elegant luxury of mosaic tile to your home with our selection of granite tile. For a contemporary bathroom design, modern kitchen decor or as a way to enhance the glow of your fireplace, our stone tile mosaics add the opulent touch you desire. Polished finishes create a sharp, reflective surface, while flamed options offer organic texture. With a variety of rich hues, contrast freckles and glistening crystal deposits, our granite mosaic tiles enhance the lavish look of your home.

Granite Mosaic Tile

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$ 13.99 Sq Ft
Add instant energy to your space using this Sierra Mosaic Mix granite tile. Small squares of speckled black, grey and white on this mosaic tile create a dimensional design whether used as an accent wall in the bathroom or kitchen. Neutral hues allow you to easily introduce different color palettes to your traditional or modern theme.
$ 15.99 Sq Ft
The Shanxi Black Flamed granite tile brings natural beauty into your home. A flamed finish adds earthy texture and a light silver fog to the surface of the mosaic tile's deep black composition, accentuated by subtle hints of crystal flecks. This durable, natural tile flooring is ideal for areas where slip resistance might be a concern, including entryways, kitchens, and bath and shower areas.
$ 7.99 Sq Ft
Shimmering black peeks from under heavy speckling in a range of sandy hues.
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