Connect Tri OFW Lux Porcelain Wall Tile - 7 x 7 in.

Item #495820 Coverage 2.14 sq. ft. per box

Connect Tri OFW Lux Porcelain Wall Tile - 7 x 7 in.

Item #495820 Coverage 2.14 sq. ft. per box

$34.99/sq. ft.

Box Price: $74.79

Sample Price: $7.48 (Free for Pro Accounts)

Aiming to highlight a sense of connection between different pieces, the Connect Tri porcelain wall tiles series strives to bring a new sense of inventiveness to your home. The 7" x 7" tiles encourage imagination through customization, mixing and daring creativity. Explore the six different shades and hues of this contemporary series to achieve a truly unique space. The glossy shine of the Connect Tri OFW Lux tiles will infuse a sense of rejuvenation and brightness in your home.

Product Group: Connect > Tile (Wall)

Product Finish Color Size Shape
495819 Gloss Blue Lux 7 x 7 in. Grooves
495820 Gloss Off White Lux 7 x 7 in. Grooves
495815 Gloss Steel Lux 7 x 7 in. Stipple
495818 Matte Grey 7 x 7 in. Stipple
495817 Matte Silver 7 x 7 in. Stipple
495816 Matte White 7 x 7 in. Stipple



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7 x 7 in.

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