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Imperial Black Gloss London Out Corner Ceramic Tile Fixture

Item #440011

Imperial Black Gloss London Out Corner Ceramic Tile Fixture

Item #440011


This deep black finishing trim piece from Fired Earth Ceramics adds a dramatic layer of depth as it completes the design on the corners of your living room, kitchen, laundry room or bathroom. The glossy finish on the ceramic Imperial Black London out corner tile creates a beautiful surface that reflects the light around it. And don't be afraid of using black in your decorating. The color of this chic collection is a modern neutral that's gaining in popularity and pairs perfectly with many other tiles.

Product Group: Imperial Classic Black > Trim & Accessories (V-Cap)

Product Finish Color Size Shape
440015 Gloss Black 0.9 x 6 in Ceramic Skirting Out Corner
440011 Gloss Black 1 x 2 in. London Out Corner
494616 Gloss Black 0.3 x 12 in. Pencil Square




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1 x 2 in.
Fired Earth

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Imperial Black Gloss London Out Corner Ceramic Tile Fixture

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