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Nantucket Vintage

Nantucket brings to mind images of cedar-shingled buildings, picturesque lighthouses and ocean-side sand dunes. This New England island represents preppy East Coast style come to life. With postcard-perfect views at every turn, it’s anyone’s guess whether that anchor is a decoration or a whaling artifact. But just like we can’t all wear boat shoes year-round, we can’t all live on Nantucket either. Luckily, anyone can evoke Nantucket Vintage charm in their home. This home decor style born of Nantucket is much like the style of clothing you’d associate with the East Coast. Think lots of blue and white, stripes and classic elements.

A Nantucket seaside lighthouse

Photo by Karl Magnuson on Unsplash

We’re taking this nautical style a step further with Nantucket Vintage: a look that combines this crisp, classic style with vintage and vintage-inspired pieces creating a look that’s both timeless and current—and very Nantucket. Think natural weathered wood and beach grass combined with crisp white paint and shiny gold fixtures. We love this look because it’s what decorating is all about—mixing and matching. Few homes are decorated in only one style from top to bottom, and Nantucket Vintage perfectly reflects this mix. Interested? We thought so. Here are our tips to evoke Nantucket Vintage in your home.

Neutral Colors

Like the washed-out tones of sea glass, if you can imagine it washing up on the beach, it’s probably in the Nantucket Vintage color palette. Shades of white and cream plus toned-down blues, greys and greens all work perfectly. And don’t be afraid to mix similar colors in different shades together. These varying shades of white, cream and dove grey don’t match exactly but they coordinate perfectly.


It’s not just for cashmere sweaters when a nor’easter rolls in. Layering your tiles refers to including not only your field tile but also finishing pieces, accents and accessories. Here, we layered a vintage-inspired 4-D accent nature tile with a marble frame and classic subway tiles. The layered pieces in similar neutral colors and a vintage-inspired piece hit all the right Nantucket Vintage notes.

Antique store finds that fit with the Nantucket Vintage style

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash


Whether you fake it with a modern piece or finally pull your grandmother’s dresser out of the attic, make sure to add a hint of vintage to your style. Are these nautical accessories from an antique store or brand new? It doesn’t matter because the vintage look is still achieved. When in doubt, go with neutral colors—they keep the whole look coordinated yet nautical, even when it’s a mix of many different styles.

And just like that, you can almost hear the sound of the ocean. Shop our favorite Nantucket Vintage tiles below, and get inspired to channel this style in your home.

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