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In our Spotlight section, we’re going to show you the amazing work of some of our favorite partners. We are thrilled to start with one of our neighbors, West Bay Homes in the Minneapolis–St. Paul area.

We got a chance to talk to Kelli Vogelgesang, creative director and designer at West Bay Homes to learn about what inspires her and hear about her work on the Sky Model home in Eden Prairie, MN.

West Bay Homes

Kelli was born and raised in Naples, Florida before she moved to the Midwest with her husband and business partner Richard. Together they run West Bay Homes, a custom building and developing company for luxury homes in the western suburbs of Minneapolis.

“Our company is unique in that a designer’s influence is incorporated throughout the building and designing process from the very beginning. Our approach results in thoughtful detail and highly cohesive properties,” Kelli says of her process.

“I am an artist at heart, and homes are my medium.”

Modern farmhouse entryway area

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The Design Process

This Sky Model custom home was a West Bay Homes model and, for Kelli, that translates into creative freedom. Essentially, she is her own client. “When a designer of any kind is called upon to render their best and is set free, magic happens.”

Her first step in any design job is creating a story. “Giving our custom new construction home projects an identity is crucial. How it feels is pondered far more than how it will look in the beginning stages.”

Her advice for homeowners? Allow your design professional to do their job. You’ve already done your job researching and finding that design firm, and their education, experience and successes have gotten your attention. “Give them a budget, a timeline and let them exceed your expectations,” she says.

Inspiration and Style

Kelli credits a diverse array of different sources for her home design inspiration. “I find inspiration from my life—my affinity for fashion, textiles, textures and pattern and my love of art and travel. I am inspired by the colors in a desert landscape, old wooden boats, vintage shoes or a chic restaurant in the city. My life experiences are what inspire me,” she says, proving that you can really find inspiration anywhere if you just look for it.

Describing her personal design aesthetic, she defines it as first and foremost classic with a touch of bold. “My work has lasting appeal and sophistication at its roots, but I also like to take risks and cause an emotion.”

“I’m building an atmosphere for my customers, detail by detail, layer by layer.”

Design and Tile

Of course, we couldn’t let Kelli go without talking tile. We asked her what her favorite tiles or collections at The Tile Shop are and she had lots to say. “One of my favorite new Tile Shop collections is the exclusive Laura Ashley collection. The ceramic, wicker-patterned tile in a luxurious hue will adorn the backsplash and walls and the soft, geometric Mr Jones will finish the luxe laundry room in one of our upcoming West Bay Home models in Eden Prairie, MN.”

“For classic tiles, one of my tried and true go tos is the Hampton Tumbled Hex marble mosaic. Marble is just so timeless, and when we cover a surface with this material, it immediately adds richness. It’s also a chameleon because it adds depth to more forward-thinking home aesthetics and elegance to our more traditional clients’ homes,” Kelli says.

“What I like most about working with The Tile Shop is the current, on-trend and timeless tile materials offered. As a designer and real estate developer, I handpick my suppliers and sales reps for their quality in materials and superior professionalism. With The Tile Shop, I know our clients and our custom homes are exposed to the largest, most cutting-edge tile material options, allowing for exuberant creativity and design storytelling at its finest. It’s all a part of the puzzle. Every material selection matters.”

A pop of orange in a white tiled bathroom

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What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Own Home?

“My favorite part of my personal home is our kitchen. Nothing is better than my sweet husband and I with our dear boy and beautiful daughter, laughing, eating and just being together. Oh, and the dogs, too!”

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Kelli!

Find West Bay Homes on Instagram and their website.

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