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Featuring (clockwise): Riad Grey, Splendours White, Cream and Grey, Mallorca White, Chantilly Biscuit, Bulevar White, Riad White, Retro Lino, Color Market Santorini, Siberian and Patagonia, Annie Selke Artisanal Cream, Annie Selke Artisanal White and Cream.

The saying “What’s old is new again” doesn’t ring truer than in the home design industry. Now more than ever, designers and homeowners are seeking out ways to bring a sense of character and individuality into their spaces. For the same reason reclaimed wood, antique furnishings and upcycled thrift store finds have seen a resurgence in recent years, so has the popularity of handmade tile. Unlike the classically crisp and clean nature of the medium, tile crafted by hand features delicate imperfections and organic beauty that makes each piece one of a kind.

Thanks to recent advancements in tile technology, it’s now easier than ever to mimic the nuanced look and feel of handmade tile in more durable and maintenance-friendly materials. We’re diving into all things handmade-look tile and showing you some of our favorite spaces featuring it below!

Rich Color Variation

One of the most notable features of handmade and handmade-look tile is its beautiful color variation. While a typical tile tends to display the same consistent, even-colored body throughout, a handmade option will often showcase its layers of richness with a number of varying shades. Our handmade-look Riad Sand tiles are a stunning example of this variation – while each piece of ceramic is from the same batch, their creamy tan tones deviate from tile to tile, creating a slight patchwork effect. 

Featuring: Riad Sand.
Featuring: Look Oliva.
Featuring: Splendours Grey.

Perfectly Imperfect Texture

Due to the natural pooling of glazes during the making of handmade tiles, they feature gentle waves of texture that create an enticing sensorial experience. These same textured grooves can also be seen and felt in handmade-look tiles, designed intentionally to closely mimic authentic handcrafted elements. With this subtle, one-of-a-kind dimension in each tile, walls and floors come alive with beautiful movement. 

Featuring: Riad White and Sand.
white textured tile backsplash in modern kitchen
Featuring: Bulevar White. Design and photo by @dewitt17designandbuild.
Featuring: Mallorca Grey.

A Hue Just for You

With a rainbow of color options from soft and subtle to bright and bold, our handmade-look tiles can easily be incorporated into any design style, allowing personality to shine. Warm- and cool-toned whites, greys, and tans create the perfect neutral backdrop for a space, while vibrant colors like rich sage greens, ocean blues, and bold lavenders offer a more striking focal point.

Featuring: Marrakesh Blue. Design and photo by I SPY DIY.
Featuring: Splendours Brown. Design by Kelli Fontana Vogelgesang. Photo by Spacecrafting.
modern black and white kitchen with black tiled backsplash
Featuring: Splendours Black. Design and photo by Kristine Grace Interiors.

If you’re itching for more kitchen inspo, we rounded up 20 of our favorite kitchen designs here.

Shape It Up

Bring a whimsical touch to the everyday subway tile with a handmade-look option. While it still offers a classic overall design, the handmade elements bring a soft charm to the typically sleek and uniform style. For a more contemporary style, try our handmade-look options offered in pickets, squares, hexagons and more.

Featuring: Splendours White Picket and Splendours White.
Featuring: Annie Selke Farmhouse Hex in White and Sage Green, Annie Selke Artisanal White and White Lace.
flatlay of navy blue tiled mosaic with hands
Featuring: Track Stack Navy Blue.

Find more tips and inspiration on designing with subway tile here.

Featuring: Riad White. Design by I SPY DIY.

The Final Touch

As with any tile, the finish makes all the difference when it comes to overall appearance. For a more organic look and feel, a matte finish—like that featured in our Color Market tiles—is the perfect option. To get a slightly smoother and shinier style, a gloss finish will reflect light beautifully while highlighting the tile’s unique surface texture, as can be seen in the Splendours collection. Offering a striking touch of glamour is the pearlescent finish displayed in the Mallorca tiles – glistening in the light, its luster is unmatched. 

Check out our Guide to Tile Finishes for a deep dive into the different styles offered for each tile type!

white kitchen with white subway tiled backsplash and open shelving
Featuring: Color Market Patagonia. Design by Beth Diana Smith. ​Photo by @mikevantassell.
Featuring: Splendours White and Cream.
elegant neutral kitchen with pearlescent grey tiled backsplash
Featuring: Mallorca Grey. Design by Timber Trails. Photo by Stoffer Photography Interiors.

If you’re loving this one-of-a-kind style as much as we do, shop our entire assortment of over 200 handmade-look tiles here!

Explore our Customer Room Gallery to get fresh inspiration and see our tile in a variety of real spaces. Don’t forget to tag us @TheTileShop for a chance to be featured!

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