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In-Floor Heat: Your Questions Answered

Are you considering installing in-floor heat in your home? We’re here with answers to your FAQs about installing a SunTouch in-floor heating system.

For more detailed information, check out this comprehensive guide to in-floor heat. Or visit your local store and speak to a friendly tile expert about the best under tile floor heating option for you.

Living room with brown couch and wood-look luxury vinyl flooring.
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What makes the floor warm?

The heat comes from a cable installed under your flooring. The WarmWire cable warms up and transfers heat to the floor, which then transfers heat to the rest of the room.

What’s the best room for in-floor heat?

You can heat virtually any room, but bathrooms are most common followed by kitchens, entryways and mudrooms. You can even install it in a great room or basement.

What type of flooring works best for in-floor heat?

Tile and stone are great options, as they naturally conduct heat. Additionally, our entire selection of luxury vinyl flooring is compatible with in-floor heat. Carpet, rubber and cork floors will not heat as well as other materials.

Will in-floor heat save me money on my electricity bill?

The heat from your in-floor heating unit will warm people and objects directly without over-heating the air, so you can set your thermostat lower and still be warm.

Can I install in-floor heat in my shower?

Yes! SunTouch Warmwire works great in showers!

How do I control my in-floor heat?

Install your SunTouch heat cable with a SunStat programmable control. Controllers allow you to adjust the heat to your liking, and some even allow 7-day scheduling.

How much does a heated tile floor cost?

The cost will depend on the the square footage of your room and the type of controller you choose. View our full assortment of SunTouch products to decide what will work best for you.

Bathroom with black, orange and off-white geometric patterned tile floor.
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