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Rejuvenate with Florals

Florals for spring…groundbreaking, right?! When it comes to tile, thankfully floral designs are perfect year-round. These flourishing patterns can rejuvenate a dreary bathroom, or create a welcoming entryway. Immerse yourself into our collection of fresh florals, and find the right pattern to express your individuality.

Floral-Printed Tile

Prominent or slightly subdued, floral designs have existed in numerous trends throughout the decades. There is something classic about a picture-perfect nature scene that people continue to incorporate in their home and clothing designs over the years.

Featured: Fabola Blu. Design by Interior Impressions. Photo by Jordan Weitzel.

Notice the beautified shower wall in the bathroom above. The gorgeous flower print on Fabola Blu makes it a perfect accent wall. The tile’s white base allows it to seamlessly unite with the white walls in the bathroom.

Just like florals, glass tiles beautifully add an element of glam to your space. Three of our designer collaborations include blossoming prints to brighten any design.

Annie Selke Collection

Some of our most exciting tiles come from the Annie Selke Art Glass collection. These large-format tiles rejoice with vibrant positive feeling.


Laura Ashley Collection

Not every floral patterned tile has to be a bold display of color. Our Laura Ashley glass splash backs make perfect botanical backsplashes year-round. The gorgeous silhouette scene displayed before adds a touch of elegance to this kitchen.

Turn your backsplash into a peaceful meadow view with this blissful glass tile.


Ted Baker Collection

The Ted Baker collection stands out with its natural beauty. These tiles can cater to multiple styles with either tropical and oriental floral prints. Ted Baker Tropical offers four luscious patterns in two muted shades of grey. Install Ted Baker Flight of the Orient to incorporate Chinoiserie inspiration. Chinoiserie is the European imitation of Chinese and East Asian decorative styles, arts and nature scenes.


Floral-Inspired Patterns

From bold, colorful movement to soft, subtle detailing, these next patterned tiles display a flowerbed of inspiration. Floral-inspired patterns encompass prominent geometric shapes but still have an organic appearance.

The front entrance is the gateway to your home—make the most of your design, and display a lively pattern. The elevating blue tones in Riordan will make any entrance a welcoming one.

While Star Olive/Grey was made for both walls and floor, this tile is the furthest thing from an ordinary wallflower. The geometric pattern displayed on the booth above resembles energetic green flower petals. This boldly designed tile is perfect for making an impact in spaces made for entertaining.

Featured: Lacy Encaustic

This blossom-covered bathroom floor has the perfect amount of old-world charm. Notice Lacy’s modern coloring and vintage weathered look. Take a look at more of our stunning floral-inspired tiles.


Reflect a statement of luxury with Annie Selke Tulip. This elegant piece of art was created by our product designer manager, Brandy Janke. Notice Tulip’s delicate limestone and mother-of-pearl detailing.

Featured: Annie Selke Tulip Mosaic, Hampton Carrara Barnes, Legno Somerset and Hampton Carrara Pillowed Subway

“I was inspired by Annie Selke to create this mosaic. It’s all about bringing natural elements together into one tile.” —Brandy Janke, product designer manager

The elegant hexagon shape in our final image below creates a gorgeous, subtle, flower-like pattern. This design is great for coordinating with black and white marble spaces.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate a blossoming design into your home. Floral patterns aren’t just meant for your grandmother’s vintage sofa. Find a soft pattern for you kitchen floor or follow your instincts and cover your kitchen backsplash with a breathtaking scene.

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