Spring 2020 One Room Challenge™ Reveal Part 1

Our favorite part of the One Room Challenge™ is here – the reveal! As you know, we worked with fourteen of the twenty featured designers this season and trust us, the reveals are even better than we imagined. Our designers worked hard for eight weeks to completely transform their space and it paid off. Alright, let’s get to the good stuff! Here’s part one of our three part series taking a look at the ORC reveals.

Beth Diana Smith

Kicking the reveals off is Beth Diana Smith’s transformation of her kitchen and powder bath. First, lets take a look at her kitchen transformations over the years.

Her kitchen prior to any renovations
In 2014, she made major updates to the floors, cabinets and appliances

After significant water damage to her kitchen last year, Beth decided to tackle this redesign a little sooner than she had originally planned. She wanted to tackle the countertops, backsplash and hardware with her ORC space.

Featured: Color Market Patagonia. Design by: Beth Diana Smith. Photo by: Mike Van Tassell.

“Overall, I want the kitchen to feel a bit funky and reflect my aesthetic but I want the foundation (the more permanent items like the tile) to be neutral.” – Beth

While her renovation in 2014 also featured white subway tile, our Color Market Ceramic Subway Tile in Patagonia, puts a modern spin on an old classic. From the matte finish to laying it in a vertical straight stack pattern, the backsplash adds to the overall contemporary feel of the kitchen.

Featured: Color Market Patagonia. Design by: Beth Diana Smith. Photo by: Mike Van Tassell.

For her powder bath, she wanted it to be an experience, and we must say, she nailed it! With the tile touching all four walls with one wall tiled all the way to the ceiling, she achieved that bold and dramatic look she was aiming for.

Featured: Cell Light Gold. Design by: Beth Diana Smith. Photo by: Mike Van Tassell.

“For my Powder Room I wanted the tile to scream my aesthetic, very bold and very funky. So I’m using The Tile Shop‘s Cell Ceramic Tile that I knew was the perfect fit as soon as I saw it.” – Beth

Featured: Cell Light Gold. Design by: Beth Diana Smith. Photo by: Mike Van Tassell.

It was love at first sight for Beth and our Cell Light Gold Ceramic Tile, making it the perfect decorative tile to make a big statement in a small space. Paired with a deep wine shade on the walls and matte black fixtures, this bathroom perfectly fits Beth’s eclectic and fun style. View her entire One Room Challenge space here.

Liz Kamarul

Liz’s One Room Challenge had another challenge in of itself: to transform the kitchen repurposing what she already has. The before and after looks like a completely different space, which is proof that small changes make a big impact!

A view of the kitchen when Liz bought the home a year ago

To many, her kitchen would be perfectly fine, but to Liz, it lacked the personality she loves to bring into her spaces. She has since made some updates, but it wasn’t quite perfect. This ORC was the perfect time to make it a whole lot more ‘Liz!’

Her kitchen prior to ORC

Complete with a tiled kitchen island and a mural on the ceiling, her finished space screams Liz’s colorful personality and daring style, all the while trying to think of creative ways to use what she already had on hand. Her ORC wasn’t without a few trials and tribulations, though…

“Hot tip from a newbie who had to learn the hard way: mix up your grout in small amounts and work in small areas. Make sure the grout is smooth like cake mix and wipe it off as you go. It dries very quick!” – Liz

Our Color Market Ceramic Subway Tile was a popular choice this season and is featured in a few ORC spaces. Liz used the Color Market Tile in Army for her backsplash. The matte finish and natural texture gives an earthy feel to the space.

Featured: Color Market Army. Design by: Liz Kamarul.

Check out her entire reveal on her blog!

Clark + Aldine

Danielle and Michael of Clark + Aldine set out to create a functional and purposeful kitchen, dining and living space for their family. The space has been completely transformed into a gorgeous open concept great room where their design personality flows seamlessly throughout. Let’s take a look at the space before…

The living space before
The kitchen before

This was not an easy task. To achieve the open concept look, Danielle and Michael had to do some serious demo to the space.

When selecting their backsplash tile, Danielle and Michael landed on our Splendours White Ceramic Tile, specifically being drawn to the way it reflects light. To add another twist, they added pieces of our DURAL Chrome Plated Trim randomly throughout the pattern.

One of our favorite parts of their space is their kitchen nook. Both beautiful and functional, it features our Firehouse Thin-Brick Tile. Actually sliced from a brick block, you can achieve the traditional red brick look, or you can opt to paint the brick like Danielle and Michael did.

Featured: Firehouse Thin-Brick Tile. Design by: Clark + Aldine. Photo by Josh Stoddart.

Check out their entire transformation over on Clark & Aldine.

Kate Pearce Vintage

Kate Pearce took her vintage-inspired style to transform her attic into a gorgeous guest ensuite, and in true Kate Pearce fashion, it is full of fun vintage finds. Transforming a mostly unfinished attic is not an easy undertaking!

The space before

“Still, there was something this space had in SPADES, and that thing was ‘potential.’ The first step towards reaching that potential would be to demolish; to demolish just about everything.” – Kate

This corner of the attic was finished, but will become the new “guest space”

The after photos may shock you! The space is completely transformed into a functional extension of Kate’s home perfect for guests.

Our Artisan Tiare Porcelain floor tiles give a gorgeous low-maintenance design element to the entire space. Kate’s love affair with the color orange made it the perfect tile to add a wow-factor, while still keeping the space sophisticated.

“I love that the Artisan Tiare combined the ochre color with charcoal and white, allowing the tile to pick up the white and blacks that I planned to ground the room with.” – Kate

Featured on the entire bathroom floor including in the shower, the Artisan Tiare Porcelain creates a sense of cohesion that draws the natural eye through the entire space.

To finish the space, Kate chose our Color Market Ceramic Subway tile in Santorini and Cosmos (which has since been discontinued). Both shades pull from the Artisan Tiare Porcelain to once again marry the entire space together.

Featured: Artisan Tiare Porcelain and Color Market Cosmos (now discontinued). Design by: Kate Pearce Vintage.

Get all the details on Kate’s One Room Challenge space here.

Learn more about the One Room Challenge here.

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