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Annie Selke’s Palm Springs Desert Oasis

Sitting among a glamorous gathering of pastel pink homes in the illustrious Marrakesh Country Club community of Palm Springs, California, is a particularly grand residence. The second mid-century modern house owned by Annie Selke, acclaimed designer and founder of The Annie Selke Companies, the home is an icon within the neighborhood designed by Hollywood Regency architect John Elgin Woolfe. Drenched in sunlight with playful hues dancing from room to room, this chic oasis showcases Selke’s iconic color-forward style while paying homage to the serenity of the surrounding desert vista.

Selke recently completed a major renovation on the three-bedroom, three-bathroom home, and we couldn’t be more excited to share some of the gorgeous interior and exterior spaces–many of which feature tile from our exclusive Annie Selke collection–with you!

Front Entrance

The grand entrance makes a statement with a posh tiled fountain and brushed marble flooring that continues throughout the house. The luxurious Arctic White stone displays soft ivory coloring that effortlessly pulls out the warm, inviting tones in the exterior’s eye-catching pink walls.

Featuring: Arctic White Brushed. Design by Annie Selke.

A burst of stunning turquoise hues brings a fresh and invigorating feel to the space through our Glass Tropical Harbor Blend Hex mosaic. The hexagon-shaped glass tiles bounce light from surface to surface, drawing the eye into the crystal clear water.


Suited perfectly for Selke’s love of entertaining, the home’s contemporary kitchen is open concept with natural light boasting from floor-to-ceiling windows. Arctic White marble flooring continues from the front entrance, offering the perfect neutral backdrop for the kitchen’s true star–a dazzling tiled backsplash–to shine.

Selke’s striking backsplash features the Goldleaf Speckle from her exclusive Tile Shop collection. The ceramic tile commands attention with mirrored metallic gold splatters overlaying a cowhide-look textured surface. The gold accents glitter throughout the kitchen, reflecting the space’s sunny natural light for a true show-stopping moment.

The continued use of the Goldleaf Speckle in the backing of the open cabinetry and bookcase creates total cohesion within the space.

Primary Bathroom

The home’s primary bathroom offers a calming neutral moment within the house with various textures and materials in soft creams, ivories and greys. Its focal point, Selke’s concrete soaking tub, is highlighted by an eye-catching sculptural tile that breathes depth and dimension into the space.

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Transitioning from the bathroom’s floor to its shower walls, the Arctic White marble creates a lavish yet tranquil ambiance.

Featuring: Arctic White Brushed. Design by Annie Selke.

Further elevating the serenity of this stylish shower is the White, Grey & Black Pebbles Small mosaic flooring. Featuring smooth, rounded river pebbles, the mosaic offers a dose of rich, natural color while gently massaging the feet for a relaxing spa-like experience.

Guest Bedroom + Bathroom

Selke’s guest bedroom takes on a fresh, earthy theme of greens and blues, showcased in the whimsical leaf-printed textiles.

Featuring: Arctic White Brushed. Design by Annie Selke.

The Arctic White marble‘s soft veining brings the perfect amount of subtle movement to the space while adding hints of warmth to the cool-toned decor.

Featuring: Arctic White Brushed. Design by Annie Selke.

Continuing the refreshing, earthy theme into the guest bathroom, Selke went with the soft blue Artisanal Sky subway tile from our Annie Selke collection. This charming ceramic tile features gentle waves of texture and a unique crackle finish, beautifully mimicking the look of an authentic handmade tile.

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The use of the coordinating Annie Selke Artisanal Sky Pencil to line the shower’s niche instantly gives the space a more custom and cohesive feel.

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Office Bathroom

Selke’s office bathroom offers a slightly more sophisticated appearance with the intriguing textile-inspired Annie Selke Argento Cream tile. Through the layering of different colored glazes on top of one another, this ceramic wall tile mimics the appearance of a luxe metal-infused fabric. Combined with a creamy beige hue and a light-reflecting shimmer, this tile brings an extra glam feel to the shower.

Featuring: Annie Selke Argento Cream. Design by Annie Selke.

Matching the primary bathroom, this shower continues the use of the spa-like White, Grey & Black Pebbles Small tile for a floor that anchors the space and balances the textured walls.

Back Patio

Last, but certainly not least, is the home’s swanky back patio, adorned with charming old-Hollywood style furniture and one final appearance of the brushed Arctic White marble. Ideal for outdoor use in the Palm Springs’ dry climate, the ivory stone offers the ultimate setting for Selke and her company to bask in the warm desert sun.

Featuring: Arctic White Brushed. Design by Annie Selke.

And with that, we’re concluding our tour of Annie Selke‘s breathtaking desert oasis. If you’re loving her style as much as we are, explore our exclusive Annie Selke tile collection to bring similar beauty into your own home.

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