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Wood-Look Tile: Design Meets Durability

Featuring: Assorted Wood-Look Tiles

All of the aesthetics and benefits without any of the hassle – isn’t that the dream? That’s where wood-look tile comes in. From intimate home settings to large commercial spaces, wood-look tile offers a compelling alternative to traditional hardwood.

Keep reading to discover the numerous benefits of wood-look tile and some of our favorite spaces featuring this timeless style.

Featuring: Truewood Beige. Design and photography by Haneen’s Haven.

Thanks to continued advancements in tile technology, wood-look tile has become virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. With impressive imitations of organic woodgrain texture and knotting, these tiles instantly infuse spaces with the rustic charm and comfort of authentic wood.

Featuring: Burned Wood.

Made from porcelain or ceramic, wood-look tiles can easily withstand the wear-and-tear of everyday life. These long-lasting materials provide incredible durability, which requires minimal maintenance and simple cleaning.

Featuring: Baltimore Taupe. Customer submission by @searing.styles.

Our vast selection of wood-look tile features eye-catching color palettes ranging from warm browns and creamy taupes to smokey greys and deep blues. Multi-colored woodgraining and knotting mingle across the surface to create depth and dimension in every piece.

Featuring: Vintage Wood Look.
Featuring: Dexwood Grey Polished. Design by West Bay Homes. Photo by Spacecrafting.

Whether used as an eye-catching accent or a fundamental design element, wood-look tile can complement and complete a variety of design styles, ranging from modern farmhouse to classic glam. Our assortment of various patterns, shapes and sizes further offers the creative freedom to build a look that’s completely unique to you.

Featuring: Carvalho HD Decor and Hex Matte White. Design by West Bay Homes. Photo by Spacecrafting.

Are you ready to invite the organic presence of wood-look tile into your home? Explore our entire selection here.

Visit our Instagram and Customer Room Gallery to see our tile in action in real customer spaces. For even more inspiration and information, set up a free design consultation to get advice from our tile experts.

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