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Wood Look Tile

Wood-look tiles are the perfect option for people who want the timeless and beautiful look of natural wood with an extremely durable tile. Innovations in tile design technology have advanced, so it's easier than ever to achieve an authentic appearance with faux wood tiles.

Wood-look tiles are the perfect option for people who want the timeless and beautiful look of natural wood with an extremely durable tile. Innovations in tile design technology have advanced, so it's easier than ever to achieve an authentic appearance with faux wood tiles.

The Benefits of Wood-Look Tile


Wood-look tile (we don’t call it “faux wood” here!) is a great option for the customer who wants their home to have the classic, warm charm of natural wood, with the added usability and simplified upkeep a manmade material can offer. Complete with wood grain and knotting, various colors and patterns, wood-look tiles effortlessly replicate the appearance of natural hardwood.  

As a flooring or wall material, tile that looks like wood can be a smart choice for spaces where wood floors tend to be less practical, such as mudrooms, basements and bathrooms. Achieve almost any wood tile look on walls or floors with traditional planks or modern styles made from extremely durable and versatile porcelain or ceramic tile.  


Wood-Look Tile Shapes

Planks are a popular tile shape to achieve wood-look walls and floors, but they are not the only option. We offer many rectangle varieties, chevrons, and even square tiles that mimic the look of elaborate wood inlay with incredibly realistic detail. And the design options only continue to expand: the newest wood-look wall tiles include sculptural, craftsman-inspired details like raised fluting. 

Laundry room with brown wood-look hexagon floor tile

Featured Tile Latta Hex

Featured Tile Atlantica Ambar

Your Choice of Color

From bold, richly colored planks to airy, whitewashed pieces that would be at home in any modern farmhouse, our extensive selection has no shortage of color—so you can create the walls or floors of your dreams. 

Ceramic wood-look subway tile set in a horizontal brick-lay pattern brings the rustic look of weathered wood to this fireplace surround. The wood effect includes shades of white, brown, green, blue and gray, so this tile pairs well with the large warm-toned floating wood mantle and matte black firebox.

Featured Tile Colonial Wood White

Featured Tile Bora Grey

Living space with floor covered in dark wood-look plank flooring tile. Tile is multi-tonal and includes shades of gray, brown and white for a distressed look.

Featured Tile Yakarta Negro

Materials: Porcelain vs. Ceramic Wood-Look Tile

When it comes to choosing the best material, any Tile Shop customer considering wood-look tile has the choice of two great options: durable ceramic wood tile, and even stronger wood-look porcelain tile. Your new wall or floor will be more impervious to scratches and look as timelessly beautiful as natural wood. Visit your local store to speak with a tile expert and find the best fit for you. 

Living space with wood-look tile plank flooring with high-contrast graining in dark and light browns. The overall look emulates tropical wood floors.

Featured Tile Burned Wood

Featured Tile Filetto Camel

Living room with wood-look tile plank flooring arranged in offset rows. This multi-tonal porcelain floor tile includes shades of warm brown, dark bluish-gray, and light beige.

Featured Tile Etna Wood Blue

Faux wood tiles are available at The Tile Shop in durable ceramic and even stronger porcelain. Your new wall or floor will be more impervious to scratches and look as timelessly beautiful as natural wood.
Enjoy the stunning look of glass tiles and hardwood with mosaics that combine the aesthetics of both classic materials.

Pattern Adds Personality


Patterns and unique tile layouts create visual interest and add personality to tile designs. Herringbone, chevron and staggered patterns can all be achieved with the right tile and help from our tile experts. 


Schedule a free design consultation today. 



  • Wood-look tile is ceramic or porcelain tile that is designed to have the appearance of real wood. It often comes in planks, like real wood, but is also available in unique shapes more common to tiles.

  • The strength and durability are the biggest selling points of wood-look tile. You can achieve almost any look you would with real wood and, with unique shapes and colors, many more on top of that. A wood-look tile floor or wall lasts so long (and often costs less than wood) that is worth it in the long run. Additionally, your wood look never has to be refinished (perfect for homes with pets!), and it can be heated or get wet.

  • It depends on each tile, but some wood-look tiles can be used on floors, walls, in showers and even outdoors. This is one of the perks of using faux wood instead of real wood—it can get wet without compromising its durability. Just make sure the tile you want is approved for its intended use.

  • What pairs well with wood-look tile depends on the shape, the color, the look you want to achieve and, of course, your personal taste. If you are afraid of the design getting too busy, we would not recommend using a heavily patterned faux wood on the floor with another intricately patterned tile on the walls. The patterning of wood-look tiles varies from collection to collection, however, so you can usually find the perfect one to pair with another tile.

  • You don’t need to wax your tile floor if it is already glazed, which most ceramic and porcelain tiles are. If you do decide you want to add some extra shine to your floor with wax, make sure it is one that is safe for your tile. Also, consider that adding wax to a tile floor requires additional maintenance, and added shine may make your faux-wood floor appear less like the real thing.

  • We recommend cleaning your wood-look floor or wall with one of The Tile Shop’s ceramic and porcelain tile cleaners that is safe for your tile.

  • When it is installed and maintained correctly, wood-look tile is very durable. It won’t scratch or need refinishing like a hardwood floor.

  • A wood floor is not cheap. The cost of tile varies so much that it is hard to estimate an average cost. However, since there are so many choices, there is always a tile for every budget. Generally, a tile floor costs less than hardwood flooring and will last longer.

  • If you want your tile installation to look as close to real wood as possible, match the grout as closely as you can to the color of your tile. The Tile Shop has dozens of different grout colors so you can always find a great match.

  • Installing tile without grout is never recommended. As the framework of your home expands and contracts due to temperature and weather, a grouted tile design will stay stable and move with your home without breaking.

  • Most wood floors have a staggered plank layout. Recreate this pattern to get a similar look. However, there are other patterns, like herringbone, that can make your tile floor more modern and interesting. Just make sure your tile is approved for the layout you choose, and follow the 1/3 rule of staggering your planks. This means you should arrange two tiles placed side by side to overlap 1/3 of their lengths instead of aligning them in a brick pattern that overlaps half of each plank.

  • Absolutely not. We believe that wood-look tile is a current trend because it does NOT create a trendy look. Wood floors are timeless, and the tiles that recreate this look are, too—which is perfect because your faux wood floor is going to last you a long time!