Material - Natural Stone

Marble Tile

Create a timeless elegance in your home with a material that has been decorating spaces for thousands of years—marble.

Light Grey Marble Tile Bathroom

Limestone Tile

Keep your space classic, welcoming and warm with the soft and neutral patterning of limestone.

Travertine Tile

Available in a variety of shades, shapes and finishes, travertine stone enhances homes and buildings in naturally elegant style.

travertine grey marbled tile bathroom

Slate Tile

The unique color palette of slate tiles lends itself to rustic and outdoor installations as well as contemporary spaces.

Quartzite Tile

The varied colors of quartzite make it perfect for complementing different styles and warming up any room.

Red Brick Tile Fireplace

Granite Tile

Granite is known for its characteristic mineral flecks that lend it a speckled appearance in a wide color palette.

Faux Wood Granite Tile Montage

Wood Tile

Authentic wood tiles enhance a room with a welcoming feeling of rich warmth.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Tile Bathroom

Pebbles & Stone Tile

Authentic pebbles and stones bring the irreplaceable beauty of nature into your living space.

Biege Pebble and Stone Tile Shower

Onyx Tile

The natural movement of its colorful parallel lines make onyx a vibrant wall and floor tile choice.

Material - Man-Made

Glass & Stone Mix Mosaic Tile

For a fun splash of color and personality, consider installing mosaic glass and stone tile.

Glass Tile

Brighten up any space, large or small, with colorful glass tiles with a hint of shine.

Grey Patterned Vertical Glass Tile Bathroom

Porcelain Tile

Durable, versatile and beautiful—there is a perfect porcelain tile for every project.

White and Grey Marble Tile Wash Area

Ceramic Tile

Available in almost endless shape, size and style choices, ceramic tiles fit with any space and style.

Encaustic Tile

Perfect for adding pops of color, encaustic cement tiles are a unique blend of old-world style and modern appeal.

Patterned Encaustic Patterned Tile Bathroom

Metal Tile

The unique reflective quality of metal tiles provides unmatched beauty to your decor.

Light and Dark Brown Metal Circular Tile Kitchen
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