Installation & Care


A solid base is key to a successful tile installation. Find everything you need to get your space ready for tiling here.

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Our professional-quality materials ensure you have everything at your disposal for a successful tile installation. Explore our adhesives, silicone, caulk and tools for your next project.

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Grout is a vital part of the tile installation process. Choose to make yours a stand-out part of your design or allow your tile to shine depending on the color.

Care & Maintenance

Proper upkeep of your tile installation is the best way to ensure that it lasts. Sealers and cleaning products get the job done right and leave your tile looking its best.


Superior is a brand we proudly call our own. We’ve tested and researched these professional products so you can trust the results.

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Browse our extensive selection of tools, grout, cleaners and sealers that will help you prep and preserve your tile installation.

Professional Tiling Installation Tools
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