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Choosing the tile for your backsplash is one of the best parts of redecorating. Why? Since it generally covers a much smaller area than your main wall or floor tile, you can feel free to have more fun with it. That means that incorporating pops of color, a unique material or an interesting shape is less risky. Whether you opt for a detailed mosaic or a classic subway tile, you’ll find something you love from our hundreds of options. For more detailed backsplash tile ideas, visit our inspiration page.

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Kitchen with blue cabinets and white marble arabesque backsplash above sink.

Add Style Elements or A Pop of Color with Backsplash Tiles

Updating and modernizing your home can be as easy as updating your kitchen’s backsplash. It allows you to add a pop of color, a distinct shape or a stand-out pattern to your room—and it’s one of the quicker and easier tiling projects to take on yourself. Plus, there’s so much more than classic white subway tile. Explore the multitude of options below.


Dark Blue Circular Wall Tile Wash Area

We’re all for classic, white tile backsplashes, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to take a little risk (and have a little fun). Go for dramatic contrast to light cabinets with bold, dark backsplash tile, or brighten up a dark room with an unexpected pop of color. Can’t pick just one? A colorful mosaic has the best of all worlds.


Metal Copper Pennyround Tile Dining Area
Faux Wood Ceramic Rectangular Tile Wash Area

So, you’ve chosen a color; now what shape will you use? If you’ve opted for a neutral color, using a unique shape is a great way to add some interest to your room. There are more possibilities than you may have realized: rectangular subway tiles, arabesques, penny rounds, squares, hexagons and even natural pebbles (we’re not sure what that shape is called!). But don’t worry—they all make beautiful backsplashes, and it’s just a matter of preference.


Green glass subway tile kitchen backsplash with herringbone mosaic accent.
Sophisticated white and grey carrara marble wall with gold accents on kitchen backsplash.

Available in glass, stone, ceramic, granite, marble, porcelain, encaustic cement and more, tile is one of the most versatile design elements of your decor. Each material creates a different look and has its own properties, so there is a perfect tile for everyone, every space and every project. Since your backsplash is an accent area, this is the perfect time to explore some of the more unique material options and really make it stand out.


Mottled White Slanted Rectangle Tile Kitchen
Kitchen with subway tile backsplash unique pattern.

A classic brick pattern always looks great, but there are so many ways to play with patterns in your tile layout. Try flipping the tile on its head to create a completely different look. You’ll be surprised how much a different pattern can change your room. Herringbone, angled, crosshatch, horizontally or vertically stacked, offset…there are so many more possibilities than most people realize, each one giving you a unique look and feel. View more tile pattern possibilities!


Dark brown reclaimed wood wall tile with mosaic in rustic bar area.
Modern bathroom vanity with white textured designer wall tiles.
Stone Pebble and Wood Tiled Cooking Station

Nothing brings drama to a room like a textured backsplash. Add the illusion with patterned and faux-textured tiles or create depth with actual 3-D tiles. Think of 3-D tiles as an alternative to wallpaper that add pattern and color. Stone, mosaics, geometric ceramic or porcelain, faux-wood and pattern-printed tiles all serve to make your backsplash the stunning focal point of your kitchen.

Artistic Accents

Harmony Silverleaf Rough Textured Tile
Shower wall with orange and grey geometric patterned tile.

Treat your backsplash as a blank canvas—it’s the perfect opportunity to add a work of art to any room. Mosaics, accent tiles or patterned tiles you can mix and match give you an original, artistic look that will last for years.

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