Fall 2019 One Room Challenge™ Reveal–Part 1

We’re back with another season of the One Room Challenge™ and we can’t wait to share the reveals! From distinct floor designs to glamorous kitchen backsplashes, we were blown away by each of the spectacular spaces that were shared. Here’s part one of our ORC reveal because we couldn’t fit all nine amazing spaces into only one post.


We’re starting out with one of our most favorite bathrooms ever! Aniko of Place of My Taste turned her “work in progress” bathroom into a resort-style dream master.

This is how Aniko and and her husband designed their bathroom 10 years ago.
They slowly remodeled the bathroom over the years, but they never achieved their dream design.

“The goal for me was to marry two of my favorite styles: modern and vintage,” Aniko said. “The textures and combination of materials made my dreams a reality.”

Featured: Star Oxide, Evoque Carbon, Evoque Grigio and Reclaimed Wood Stacked Diamonds Architectural Mosaic. Design by Place of My Taste.

This luxurious, noir shower design is like a room right out of Architectural Digest! Both the Evoque Carbon wall tiles and Evoque Grigio floor tiles are made of porcelain. The durable material and industrial look makes them a perfect choice for this master bath.

Featured: Evoque Carbon and Evoque Grigio. Design by Place of My Taste.

Visit Erika’s Instagram. View their entire One Room Challenge space.


We can’t keep our eyes off of this next ORC space. Erika Ward transformed the warm woods and colors to a bright white and airy blue kitchen dream!

The before space

“Like a rare treasure, I discovered this glass mosaic tile with an iridescent quality much like the inside of a shell,” Erika said. “Installing the tile to the ceiling makes a grandiose statement about my love of the sea and nature-inspired design elements.

The metallic tiles remind us of a mermaid’s tail—don’t you agree?!

Even Erika’s fireplace got a facelift, and we think the design she chose is anything but dreary! When described, Erika says “the new tile marble mosaic surround and hearth reign supreme, classic and cool.”

Visit Erika’s Instagram. View their entire One Room Challenge space.


You’ll have to do a double take after seeing this extraordinary before and after by Veronica Solomon of Casa Vilora Interiors. Each pattern unites to create one of the most luxurious laundry rooms we have ever seen. 

The before space
Featured: Streamline Stone Mosaic Wall Tile (not suggested for floor installation). Design by Veronica Solomon. Photo by Colleen Scott.

What’s the definition of glamorous, you ask? This laundry room!

Featured: Streamline Stone Mosaic. Design by Veronica Solomon. Photo by Colleen Scott.

“The art-deco-inspired Streamline Stone Mosaic tile was the perfect way for me to bring in my signature pattern and style mix. I love the pattern with the wallpaper,” Veronica said. “Even though it is not recommended for floors, and only for wall installation, I knew that the laundry room would not be a high-traffic area, so I went for it as the floor tile.”

“You know us creatives. We are going to push the limits just a bit for just the right touch,” Veronica added. “I just love the gold banding that beautifully picks up the gold in the wallpaper.”

Featured: Streamline Stone Mosaic. Design by Veronica Solomon. Photo by Colleen Scott.

Visit Veronica’s Instagram. View their entire One Room Challenge space.


What’s better than one talented designer? Two designers, of course! Shavonda Gardner partnered with one of her best friends, Carmeon Hamilton, to transform Carmeon’s home.

The before space
Featured: Color Market Army Ceramic Subway, Maldive Carrara Polished and White Medium Pebbles Mosaic. Design by Shavonda Gardner and Carmeon Hamilton. Photo by KP Fusion.

Have you ever seen a more glorious green bathroom?! The floor-to-ceiling Color Market Army installation on the shower and vanity walls is beautiful and moody!

To balance out the four dark green walls, Carmeon painted the ceiling white and incorporated white stone for the floors.

Transitioning to the master bedroom, Carmeon and Shavonda repeated the deep green color to create a sense of unity. Both the accent wall and ceiling were painted with Behr Marquee Interior Matte North Woods.

Design by Shavonda Gardner and Carmeon Hamilton. Photo by KP Fusion.

From the 3-D accent wall to the countless fabric patterns, Carmeon’s decor choices make this bedroom come to life!

“The foundation of the room and very first thing I picked out for the space was the Deva Linen Platform Bed in Linen Graffito, Carmeon said. “This bed is the literal manifestation of my dreams! The Graffito pattern on the clean lines of the bed are an ideal combination and the clean metal legs finish it perfectly.”

Design by Shavonda Gardner and Carmeon Hamilton. Photo by KP Fusion.

Visit Shavonda’s Instagram and Carmeon’s Instagram.

Learn more about the One Room Challenge here.

Stay tuned for part two of our ORC blog spotlight!

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