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Our Favorite Fireplace Design Ideas

If you’re one of the lucky ones that have a fireplace in your home, we’re about to give you major design envy. But since this small project can refresh the look of your whole space (not to mention be accomplished in a weekend!), design envy can easily become reality. If you’re ready to refresh your fireplace, schedule a free design appointment to get started today. Otherwise, read on for our favorite fireplace tile style tips.

Featured: Bosco Taupe. Design by Kelli Fontana Vogelgesang.

Where to use fireplace tile

Tile can be used on fireplace hearths and surrounds. The hearth, which can be level with the floor or raised above it, is the floor in front of the fireplace. The fire itself is contained to the firebox, and the fireplace surround is the area around the firebox. The surround may go all the way to the ceiling or just around the firebox and may or may not include a mantle. This is the place you are most likely to see tile used. Tile cannot be used inside a wood-burning fireplace, only approved brick and other materials. Altogether, the fireplace is an opportunity to make a statement or define a focal point in the room.

6 styles to consider

One of the hardest parts of tiling is deciding on your perfect style from endless options. We may be guilty of offering too much inspiration, but we’ve rounded up our favorite fireplaces into six themes to help simplify your search.

Featured: Splendours Grey. Design by West Bay Homes.
Tile Shop tile samples displayed with other decorations

1. Small-Scale Patterns

A tile with a small pattern or a small-scale mosaic is ideal for making a small fireplace into a focal point. Don’t forget to consider the material and finish. Matte tile is casual and soft, glossy tile reflects the light and glass tile glamorizes a space with even more sparkle.

The crisp, white fireplace tile combined with the white walls and molding are a simple and clean backdrop for fun decor pieces to take center stage.

This fireplace stands apart stylishly with white marble subway tile that creates striking contrast against the dark navy walls.

Featured: Bianco Puro Honed Marble 4x12in. and Bianco Puro Honed Marble 12x12in. Design by Timber Trails. Photo by Stoffer Photography Interiors.

This rustic fireplace serves double duty, not only separating the kitchen from the living space but also serving as a decorative focus in both rooms.

Featured: Mongolian Desert Corinth Slate. Design by Maple.

2. Cement & Cement-Look

Whether contemporary, old world, geometric or romantic, cement and cement-look tiles certainly liven up a fireplace. Pick a pattern you love, and enjoy an eye-catching and unique centerpiece.

This transitional fireplace is a delightful combination of traditional cement-look tile and a clean, contemporary mantle that satisfies all tastes.

A lively cement-look tile from the London series sets the modern farmhouse scene in this quaint home.

Featured: London Camden. Design by Refreshingly Chic.

3. Floor to Ceiling

Impact is the ultimate goal with a floor-to-ceiling tiled fireplace. These jaw-dropping installations speak volumes.

This stunning fireplace is perfect parts rustic, contemporary and chic.

Featured: Ionic Steel Porcelain. Submitted by @lindsaysfinds.

One way to make your fireplace unforgettable is to situate it in an unexpected place. This one gets bonus points for being enjoyed from the tub and the bedroom on the other side of the wall.

Featured: Charlotte White with Moonstone Marble and Jupiter Grey. Design by Morrissey Home Solutions. Photography by Jen Morley Burner.

File this fireplace under “statement maker.” A soft, neutral grey tile becomes a focal point when it’s installed to the second-floor ceiling of this grand room.

Featured: Evoque Grigio. Design by Russo Residential.

4. 3-D

Taking your fireplace tile to the next dimension delivers a tactile, textural quality. Use a dimensional geometric tile for the ultimate contemporary statement.

A metallic fireplace tile is always a good idea—just imagine how the dimension and texture of this multifired tile shine when the fire is lit.

Featured: Cube Gold AC. Design by Construction2Style.

Elegant and refined, these soft flowing lines create dimension replicating that of calming coastal waves.

Featured: Mar Quartzo AC. Submitted by @wickedwhale.

5. Trim Firebox

For a smoother transition between your fireplace surround and firebox, use trims and layering pieces to dress up the design and soften the hard edges.

A Somerset trim tile artfully frames this firebox while adding architectural detail.

The addition of trim to this stunning fireplace instantly elevates the whole look.

Featured: Legno Geometric Limestone Mosaic and Legno Honed Cumberland. Customer submission.

6. Architectural

Textured, dimensional architectural tiles are not just for rustic designs! For spaces from traditional to contemporary, these natural stones retain a neutral color scheme while adding touchable dimension.

It’s easy to see why our best-selling architectural tile, Claros Silver, is such a hit—classic grey shades and warm tans are universally appealing.

This centerpiece fireplace displays one of the perks of our architectural tile collections. We carry out corner pieces so your design can truly be three dimensional.

Featured: Legno Architectural. Customer submission.

Excited to try something new? Visit our fireplace tile ideas page or our fireplace tile Pinterest board for more inspiration or find a store to get started today!

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