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Self-Expression Through Geometric Tile

Designs and trends are constantly evolving, allowing for the ultimate expression of creativity and imagination. One trend we’ve seen pushing the boundaries of ingenuity, artistry and self-expression is geometric tile. We’re going to highlight our favorite geometric tiles and how to use them to their full potential.

“Geometric shapes hold an energy pattern, and scientists did some experiments which say certain geometric shapes can affect matter around them. It’s simply because when a human looks at a shape, they instantly receive energy from their brain.” – Tom DeLonge, musical artist

The extravagant movement, iconic shapes and energetic patterns of geometric tile allow you to make a statement in any space. These tiles aren’t just an addition to a design – they ARE the design. Geometric shapes include squares, rectangles, triangles, polygons, hexagons, diamonds, pyramids and more. With so many different variations and shapes in geometric tile, the possibilities are endless!

Categorizing Geometric Tiles

Geometric Patterned Tile 

Stunning designs can be printed on tile to add an artistic flash to any space. Glamorous patterns have universal use. You can either cover a wall to make a bold statement or display a small statement as a piece of art.

Some printed patterns are made to complement modern spaces while others are created to wow viewers. The geometric tiles above define a wall with an elegant yet subtle diamond pattern. In contrast, the bold and bright pattern on the image below almost demands (and deserves) attention.

Featured: Artisan Tiare

Patterned tile can bring a very artistic and contemporary look into your home. The tile below creates a 3-D effect by using two different colored triangles and rhombuses to create a geometric structure.

Geometric Shaped Tile

While most tile like subway or square tile only has four sides, geometric shaped tile brings tile design to a whole new level. Shapes like hexagons, diamonds and rhombuses stand out compared to standard rectangular formats. Geometric shapes can be either 2-D or 3-D. The front cover of our 2018 design book contains a very fresh, modern 3-D pattern. Yara Metal Silver Hex ceramic wall tile is unique because not only is the shape a hexagon, but the tile contains several different 3-D triangles for extra texture and augmentation.

Geometric Mosaics

Mosaics are small pieces of tile that are intricately placed together on a mesh sheet to create stunning patternsthat’s what makes these mosaics so unique. Not all mosaic designs are the same. Check out the lavish, Nova Hex Graphite mosaics in the image below. The mosaic pattern is created by repeating stretched hexagons to add glamour and dimension.

The pattern on this next image shows a mosaic from the Legno Limestone collection. This design presents a stylish look with its wood-like texture and variety of shapes.

Featured: Legno Geometric

Ways to Use Geometric Tile

The Center of Attention 

When people want to make a bold statement, they might use a big collection of art, flashy furniture or even a bright-colored tile or wallpaper. While those are all great options, geometrically patterned tile is your key to making a show-stopping space. Cover your floor or wall with tile to make a bold, eye-catching presentation.

Subtle Accent Displays

Don’t let the boldness of geometric tile intimidate you. Many people turn away from geometric patterned tile and layouts because they think it might be overwhelming. But patterns can be displayed as an accent piece if you aren’t committed to the full effect. Kirsty Froelich, The Tile Shop design manager, loves adding small statement displays to rooms because it adds a dash of emotion and color.

“You don’t need to be scared of using geometric tile and patterns. They are a great opportunity to add something exciting that won’t overpower the features in a space. – Kirsty Froelich

Display a geometric accent piece in your shower or on the side of a bathtub or island countertop. “Accents give you a chance to add unexpected artistry,” Froelich said. As seen above, these geometric displays are ideal for people who only want a subtle but stunning statement.

A Lively Greeting

Incorporating geometrically patterned tile is wonderful in an entryway. Fun and spirited patterns give guests an immediate welcoming impression. West Bay Homes perfectly completes a modern farmhouse design with the vintage, symmetric Star series.

Image from West Bay Homes. Featured: Star

Modern Elegance

Solid-white tile is a great choice for creating a clean, modern presence. The White Hex tiles below create a chic, fresh feeling without an overbearing display.

Featured: White Hex

Create Your Own Masterpiece

A current trend is to create your own geometric designs and shapes with tile. This trend attracts the bold and brave designers. Every concept you explore is a statement and your very own work of art. The Connect series in the image below was made to mesmerize. The small triangular pieces allow you to create extravagant designs for a modern twist. This method of using geometric tile guarantees originality and personalized taste and vision.

Featured: Connect Tri 

“Styling with geometric shaped tiles gives you more flexibility and freedom to make whatever you want.” – Luke Crownover, Tile Shop product manager

Whether a bold, patchwork arrangement of patterned tiles, an elegant kitchen backsplash or a simple display of white hexagons, geometric tile will always be the ultimate tool to express yourself. Inspired by what you see? Schedule a design consultation to achieve your next vision with geometric tile.

Source of Tom DeLonge quote: Spin Magazine

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