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Gilded Glamour: How to Tile in Art Deco Style

Elements of gilded glamour

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Gilded Glamour, a Tile Shop signature style, blends 1920s art deco design elements with details of modern luxury—and, of course, stunning tile. A gilded touch, which literally means covered in gold, is a hallmark this style is based on. Think the opulence of the Great Gatsby meets the architectural style of the Chrysler Building with a thoroughly current point of view.

The Chrysler Building

Photo by Jonathan Pease on Unsplash

Elements that Define Gilded Glamour

Commonly observed in visual arts, architecture and design, art deco first became popular around World War 1 in France. Then, it was the epitome of luxury, glamour and beautiful craftsmanship. Today, this timeless style still reflects these same aspirational qualities largely defined by five major design elements: geometric shapes, black and white, polished metal, mirrors and shine. Incorporating these elements into a design infuses a space with old-world elegance and allure.

Top Tiles to Get the Gilded Glamour Look

Select tiles from one or more of the below categories, and you will have more than enough inspiration for a Gilded Glamour space of which the Great Gatsby would be envious. Use our recommended products or employ these design elements to create a unique look of your own.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are defined by simple lines, curves or outlines. The versatility of these interesting shapes makes it easy to customize a look anywhere along the spectrum from subtle to bold. To achieve the Gilded Glamour look, use geometric shapes alongside another art deco design element, like black and white or touches of gold, to highlight the lines. Even with all three art deco design elements in the image below, the overall appearance is elegant and clean. Squares, diamonds, hexagons and any geometric mosaic tiles are a good place to start.

Gold, black and white floor

Featured: Corbusier Mosaic

Black and White

Tiling in black and white creates contrast, highlights shapes and lends vintage appeal to a design. Avoid too many bold elements competing in a space with a simple black-and-white base that provides simplicity. A black-and-white mosaic, a bold mix of black and white tiles or an all-over wall or floor in either hue are a few options that create varying degrees of boldness in your look. Black and white get an extra jolt of glamour when they’re in a reflective material or mixed with metal.

Polished Metal

Polished metals, especially gold, are a quintessential feature of Gilded Glamour style and perfect for adding a gilded touch. Incorporate a metallic accent almost anywhere, from tile to shower heads to the vanity. Hints of soft brushed gold peppered throughout the bathroom below tie the whole space together elegantly.

White and gold vanity

Featured: Bulevar White

Dural metal profiles are another decadent way to sprinkle bits of metallic shine throughout a tile design. This subtle sparkle elevates the entire space.

Dural metal profiles and grey marble

Featured: Dural Metal Profiles, Ashford Carrara


Not only does it open up a space, reflection adds an element of shine which perfectly complements the luster of Gilded Glamour. Plus, mirrors and reflective elements allow a small or dark room to feel brighter and lighter. As with all the elements of art deco, the extent to which you use mirrors is up to you. A touch of mirrored tile serves as an accent piece while a fully mirrored wall becomes a statement. Take a cue from this design. The mirrored tiles are a bold element so the rest of the design is simple and monochromatic.

Mirrored bathtub surround


Polished stone, iridescent finishes, metallic details—shine is an integral part of Gilded Glamour because it serves to add the luster that enhances a space. Polished marbles and other stones define rooms with subtle shine and retain a neutral hue while bright and bold tiles make a more dramatic statement. Pair tiles with shine with other reflective elements sparingly to avoid competing focal points. Below, the crisp white marble is the perfect complement that lets these gold tiles sparkle.

Our Take on Gilded Glamour

Inspired by a modern take on art deco, The Tile Shop’s design manager, Kirsty, envisioned an elegant bathroom with touches of gold and lots of rich marble. Since it’s impossible to create a display with every tile we carry, she used this inspiration to design a visual that would spark ideas for our customers. It turned out so beautifully that, before long, this design dream became a reality.

Sketch of Gilded Glamour bathroom.

An artist’s interpretation of our Gilded Glamour bathroom.

This stunning design has everything we love about art deco in a softer, more modern style. The ornamental opulence of Gilded Glamour is visible in the touches of soft brushed gold and the art deco mosaic, which was inspired by a traditional motif. The floating vanity, light fixtures and cool-grey marble modernize the style. The sleek, rounded corners of the mirror mimic the shape of the mosaic and the gold accents coordinate throughout, effectively creating a cohesive look. Layered trims accent the Moderne Deco mosaic on the framed shower wall and in the functional recessed shelf, creating another luxurious detail.

The result is an elegant and soft take on art deco style that feels timeless and modern at the same time.

Gilded Glamour comes to life

Featured: Moderne Deco, Verona Blanco, Roman Silver

Inset shelf with mosaic

From an idea to an artist rendering to a real-life installation, the evolution of this idea is dazzling.

Ready to add some modern Gatsby glamour to your space? Schedule a design consultation or stop into your closest store to get inspired and start your project today.

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