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Maximize Your Space With Large-Format Tile

A large impact, an aesthetically pleasing living space and easier maintenance — large-format tiles have countless style and function benefits. We are going to discuss the definition of a large-format tile, advantages and how to design a space with these grand tiles in mind. Large-format tiles, or LFTs as they are called within the industry, have become bigger than ever. When you see the gorgeous impact they have on a room, you’ll know why!

Shower tile large

Featured:Aqua Blu 24 x 47 in, Glass Silver Diamond, Dural Bronze Satin Brushed

What Is Large-Format Tile?

In recent years, we have seen a surge in LFTs as the tile industry continues to experiment and grow through new technologies. Just ten years ago, a mere 12” tile would have been considered large format. Today, the technical definition of a large-format tile is anything with one side that exceeds 16”, but the largest tiles we’ve seen were presented at the 2018 Cersaie Tile Show and they were over 10 feet long!

A versatile design option, these large tiles come in square and rectangular shapes in both ceramic, porcelain and stone options and can be used on walls or floors.

Looking for an LFT that is large enough to make the room appear larger than it is but won’t overwhelm your space? Our most popular size, 12″ x 24″, is a gratifying middle ground for most spaces. 

Tile Shop tile samples displayed with other decorations

Aesthetics & Advantages

Increase functionality in your designs by incorporating large-format tiles. One of the best things that large-format tiles do is minimize grout joints, creating a crisp and elegant design. Not only does this create a seamless look, it is also easier to clean and requires less maintenance.

Simply due to the size of large-format tiles, you have the ability to create the illusion of a bigger space with neat, sharp grout lines. Observe below how the large-format floor tiles naturally create a more open, transitional space in this impressive fireplace setting.

Designing With LFTs

A big, expansive tile is exactly what you need to make any space appear even more fabulous. Large-format tiles reduce visual interruption by requiring fewer grout joints. Consider using LFTs to maximize a large floor plan while creating a visually cohesive look. The design process is actually quite straightforward. Using large-format tiles horizontally will create the illusion of a wider space, and to make your walls feel taller and exaggerated, use LFTs vertically.

“Large-format tiles give you the opportunity to enhance the size of any living space and create a very elegant feel.”—Brandy Janke, The Tile Shop product designer

The gorgeous shower below displays a horizontal large-format wall tile that creates a bold statement and visually broadens the sophisticated space to appear wider.

Shower Tile Large Format

Featured: Aqua Blu 24 x 47 in, Aqua Blu Mosaic, Glass Silver Diamond

Use large-format tile on your fireplace to create a clean, harmonious look catered to your personal style. We love the marble patterned Invisible Grey series because it fosters a modern yet warm feel featured below.

Because large-format tiles appreciate the size of spaces, they are a spectacular option for kitchens, entryways, mudrooms or any large, open areas. 

Large format achieves a grand perception as an entire space appears unified, on trend with a sleek wallpaper effect. The Metalica Cell tile creates a dramatic effect through a uniquely textured pattern while the neat, minuscule grout joints almost completely disappear from this modern space.

Textured patterned wall tile

Featured: Metalica Cell Silver 18 x 35 in

An appealing characteristic of many large-format tiles is the multifired process that brings a unique dimension to their surfaces, creating rich textures and adding an elevated flair as seen in the photo below.

bathroom wall tile

Featured: Decor Space Pearl 12 x 47 in

LFTs can be used to create a spa-like feel when used in bathrooms, as pictured in the luxurious space below featuring Lombaria in the shower and Parallelo Nero on the floor. It elevates the space, making it feel extra special for an at-home experience.

Photo by Spacecrafting Photography

To create a truly dynamic and eye-catching room, pair large-format tiles with mosaics to see the opposite sizes play off each other.

Design a captivating accent wall using Decor Impact’s dazzling 3-D starburst pattern.

Copper wall tile

Featured: Decor Impact 12 x 47 in

Wondering if LFTs are for you? First, consider that to enlarge any space you must pick the size of tile that supports your desired feel. Large format is excellent for complementing a larger room, but these innovative tiles can truly be used in any space. Additionally, if you want to intensify the size of a small room, a large-format tile might be just what you need to reflect a more spacious feel.  Schedule an appointment with our design associates to create your dream space and get expert advice on using large-format tiles.

Want more? Think bigger! Loving LFTs as much as us? Check out our impressive collection of large-format tile options here.

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