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Maximalism: More is More

What is maximalism?

White walls, minimal decor, subtle colors—you won’t find any of these in a maximalist space! Some people say that less is more, but maximalists believe the opposite. More color, more texture, and more boldness define this style. Simplistic, neutral design has reigned for years, and, inevitably, some people are ready for a change. Say hello to maximalism.

Contrary to what you might think, maximalism is more than just having a lot of stuff. Some of the hallmarks of maximalist design are:

The style is an updated twist on classically exuberant English interiors updated for the 21st century with bright colors, contemporary patterns and modern accents. The legendary club Annabel’s in London perfectly embodies this blend of classic Britishness and modern maximalism.

So, what do we love about maximalism? It allows you to express every side of your personality at once. If you’ve ever felt torn between styles or couldn’t define yours in one word, maximalism may be for you. (Indecisive friends, unite!) This design style allows you the freedom to fill your home with items that you love, instead of worrying about fitting them into a style box. Loving your decor is key—random items will not bring the same joy as a personalized, curated collection.

Enough talking about maximalism—let’s see some of our favorite looks! As far as maximalist designs go, this one is pretty minimal! (Stay with us.) The bold, patterned wall and dramatic color scheme definitely fit the style yet the monochromatic theme reigns it in.

Black bathroom with floral wall
Featured: Hex Matte Black. Design by Construction2Style.

What’s better than one mirror? If you’re a maximalist, nine mirrors and a mirrored fireplace! Take a tip from Sara Bruce Designs and choose one piece of decor to repeat in as many shapes and styles as you can imagine. The theme adds cohesion to the space.

We couldn’t just share one photo of the home that sparked the idea for this blog post! House Beautiful’s 2019 Kitchen of the Year was a maximalist dream come true with no explanation needed. Read our spotlight on Michelle Nussbaumer’s amazing design for more photos of the space.

Bold patterned accent wall
Featured: Provenzal Black. Photography by Douglas Friedman.

Color, pattern, texture, drama—this kitchen has it all!

Maximalist kitchen space
Featured: Provenzal Black and Noir Honed Durand. Photography by Douglas Friedman.

From floor to ceiling, there are more than enough features to attract the eye in this bold kitchen.

This kitchen is a good reminder that each surface is an opportunity to create a work of art.

Red marble kitchen accents
Featured: Rosso Marquina Skirting. Photography by Douglas Friedman.

A much different approach to maximalism, this bathroom establishes a blue-grey color palette and sticks to it while varying the tone and playing with patterns.

This bright and colorful bathroom brings a smile to our faces while proving that maximalism doesn’t have to be dark and dramatic.

Floral shower tile
Featured: Fabola Blu and Hex Gloss White. Design by West Bay Homes. Photography by Spacecrafting.
Floral tile accent wall
Featured: Fabola Blu and Hex Gloss White. Design by West Bay Homes. Photography by Spacecrafting.

Back to the drama, an art-inspired tile is perfect for creating an accent wall that makes a statement.

Dramatic black and white art wall
Featured: Stencil Light AC. Design by Paro Home.

Multiple patterns work hand in hand when they pull from the same warm color palette in this beautiful bathroom. This gorgeous transformation took place in just six weeks as part of this fall’s One Room Challenge™.

Maximalist spaces don’t need to hit every hallmark on our list. Here, an oversized, bold pattern is enough to stand out.

Also featured in our One Room Challenge roundup was this glamorous gold-and-black laundry room. The opulence just draws you in (which is good when you’re trying to force yourself to do the laundry!)

Black and gold laundry room
Featured: Streamline Stone Mosaic Wall Tile (not suggested for high-traffic floor installation). Design by Veronica Solomon. Photo by Colleen Scott.

Here’s another case of a stand-alone maximalist tile. The vivacious purple veining in this Milas Lilac marble tile collection and the mix of shapes and sizes deliver dynamic style.

Dip your toe into maximalism by just choosing one extra-bold feature.

Drama, patterns, metallic finishes and more—as they say with maximalism, more is more.

Feeling inspired to paint your grey walls fuchsia yet? Whatever your design goals are, we’re here to help you achieve them. Schedule a design consultation with an in-store tile expert to get started. And don’t forget—sometimes more is more!

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