Meet The Designer: Miranda McGovern, Senior Design Associate

Miranda McGovern, Senior Design Associate at The Tile Shop

We sat down with Miranda McGovern, one of our Senior Design Associates, to learn more about her process when designing with clients. She gives us a glimpse of some of her latest projects with one of her long-time clients, Kris.

Miranda has been with The Tile Shop for just under three years. Throughout her tenure, Miranda has forged meaningful relationships with local designers and installers. Specifically, she has worked one-on-one with Kris on tile selections on a series of home flips. The relationship she has built with Kris allows her to have creative freedom when presenting selections.

Tell us about your design relationship with Kris.

“Each house with Kris is different. The first project she and I worked on together was her personal bathroom. We wanted it to be timeless elegance with a 1920’s flare — it’s gorgeous. The most recent house we are working on now is what I call a ‘refined farmhouse.’ We used a lot of farmhouse aspects that take on a refined flair through polished marble and patterning.”

I want the people purchasing or staying in the home to do a few things:
1. Love the house for its character.
2. Make it an actual home full of love.
3.  Be proud of it because A LOT of work went into creating it.  – Miranda

Featured: 4-D Flower White.

How do you approach a project when working with a client?

“I start my process by asking the client what overall style they want the house to portray. I then narrow down color and maintenance by asking a few more questions. Lastly, I design two different scenarios for them and make small changes in the design center for the client.”

Featured: Capua Multi Perla Ceramic and Effect Dark AC Ceramic.

When working on a project, Miranda approaches the house as a whole. This allows her to include complimentary elements throughout to ensure there is a cohesive design.

Featured: Skyline with Gold Stone Mosaic.

The homes that Miranda designs with Kris are typically older homes, since they primarily are partnering on home flips. Working with historic homes often come with a unique set of challenges.

Did designing this space present any challenges?

“Designing a historic home always has a few challenges. I try to incorporate time appropriate items to add to the authenticity of the house. Since it is in an historic neighborhood, it just adds to the charm.”

The creativity of the Tile Shop is what I love most. I get to come to work and create beautiful spaces that bring people genuine joy and excitement.  – Miranda

Get to Know Miranda

How would you describe your design style?

“My personal style is southwestern mixed with a little boho. I love the bright colors and layering that boho brings to the table and the prints and textures that a southwestern style does.”

In your opinion, what should every home have?

“In my opinion, every home should have a pet. I’m an animal lover and have two fur babies myself.”  

What are your go-to design tips?

“Listen and trust your instincts. Don’t be afraid to be bold.”

Where do you go for inspiration?

“My team here at the tile shop and my social media followers. I will put a design together and get opinions on what I should change before I present it to Kris.”

What is your favorite tile?

“My favorite tile is probably the Glass Light Blu or the Mr. Jones Charcoal. I love how it can go with almost anything. If I had to pick a favorite stone, it would be the Africa Tempesta Marble.”  

Looking to get started on a project of your own? We offer free design services that allow you to work directly with a Design Associate to help make your dreams a reality! Whether it’s remote or in-store, we partner with you every step of the way to take the intimidation out of the equation. Learn more about our free design services here.

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