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12 Mosaic Tile Designs That Will Make Your Room a Masterpiece

Want to turn your room into a work of art? Mosaics–intricate or simple, elegant or bold–will add character and charm to any space in your home. Whether you’re tiling a shower wall or a kitchen backsplash, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite mosaics in bathrooms, kitchens and bars to give you some inspiration for your next project.


Want a bathroom that makes a statement? A bathroom that rejuvenates you like a resort spa, one your friends and family can’t help but compliment? A mosaic, whether it covers all four walls or just a shower niche, is sure to impress. Here are some of our favorite show-stopping mosaic tile bathroom design ideas that are sure to spark inspiration for your next addition or remodel.

Costa Emerald

This mosaic is nature enhanced! The brilliant jewel tones add a touch of glamour to the simple leaf-shaped tile. This tile creates a bold aesthetic when applied to walls and floors, but if you find that a bit overwhelming, try using it for a backsplash, accent wall or shower niche. For lighter, more blueish tones, try Costa Aegean.

Green leaf mosaic bathroom wall with ladder towel rack.
Featuring: Costa Emerald Mix Glossy and Alison Victoria Precious Metals 24 Karat

Firenze Carrara and Black Marquina

One of the great things about mosaics is their versatility. If you like two colorways, you can mix them to create your own pattern like Beginning in the Middle did here with Firenze Carrara and Black Marquina hexagon mosaic. This polka dot pattern is unexpected and chic.

Bathroom with polka-dot black and white hexagon floor.
Featuring: Firenze Carrara and Black Marquina. Design & Photography by Beginning in the Middle.

Imperial Hex

Want to try more custom patterns? Our Imperial collection comes in a wealth of colors, and these hex mosaics are perfect for mixing and matching. This custom hex floral pattern by The Gold Hive makes for an absolutely delightful bathroom floor.

Featuring: Imperial: Sienna Gloss Hex and Pink Gloss Hex. Design and photography by The Gold Hive.

Grey Pebble

Looking for mosaic tile shower design ideas? The Grey Pebble mosaic creates a relaxing, spa-like experience. The raised pebbles will massage your feet and give you extra traction. The neutral colors create a soothing, calming environment.

Rustic shower with beige pebble and stone tile.
Featuring: Grey Pebble. Design and Photography by Jenna Sue Design Co.

Laura Ashley Leaf Cloud Blue

Sometimes when it comes to a mosaic, less is more. If you’re afraid a bold-patterned mosaic will overwhelm your bathroom, you can create a beautiful, unexpected moment with a shower niche. The Laura Ashley Leaf mosaic adds a stunning pop of color and whimsy to this white-tiled shower wall.

Blue leaf-shaped tile shower niche with soap and brush.
Featuring: Laura Ashley White Beveled, Leaf Cloud Blue and Sunflower Charcoal with Cloud Blue, and Imperial Bianco Pencil Wall Trim.


Mosaics make for marvelous kitchen backsplashes, accent walls and floors. Add a pop of color, a beautiful black-and-white pattern, or a stunning and luxurious marble mosaic. For more kitchen inspiration, check out these kitchen backsplash ideas.

Bardot Grey

The grey marble and curved chevrons of the Bardot Grey are the epitome of elegance. The subtle movement of the shapes will instantly elevate any space, whether it’s a kitchen backsplash, shower wall or bathroom vanity.

White and Grey chevron mosaic tile behind counter with jar of cooking spoons and small plant.
Featuring: Bardot Grey. Design by Alison Victoria.

Hex Matte White with Black Flower

One thing we love about hexagons is their versatility. Add a touch of whimsy to your room with the Hex Matte White with Black Flower pattern, or create your own–we have a wealth of hexagon tiles in a variety of materials and colors.

Kitchen with white with black flower-patterned hexagon tile wall.
Featuring: Hex Matte White with Black Flower. Design and Photography by @dwellwithmichelle

Victoria Grey Braxtyn

A mosaic can add dimension to your space. The multi-colored marbles used for the Victoria Grey Braxtyn make this tile appear as if it’s popping up from the wall. We love how this simple grey and white mosaic pairs with the stainless steel and white elements in this kitchen, but it could also look stunning next to a bold, dark color.

White and grey tile in a pattern kitchen stove backsplash.
Featuring: San Dona and Victoria Grey Braxtyn Lt/Dk Mix. Design by Jaimie Nelson

Sampson Mosaic

The Sampson Mosaic with its geometric basketweave pattern creates a stunning moment on this kitchen wall. The tumbled marble gives this kitchen an earthy but elegant feel, perfect for an elevated country kitchen design.

Kitchen counter with marble basket-weave tile wall.
Featuring: Sampson Mosaic. Design by Timber Trails Development Company. Photography by John and Maura Stoffer.


These mosaic masterpieces are bar goals! From chic Art Deco arches to fun plays on the classic mirrored bar wall, pull up a stool and raise a glass to these chic and inviting designs.


Art Deco designs are having a moment, and we couldn’t be happier! The Lalique marble mosaic embodies the ornate, geometric design made popular in the flapper era. This tile is especially stunning in the arched space above this bar but can be used anywhere you want to add vintage glamour.

Arched bar area with art-deco-inspired arched tile.
Featuring: Lalique

Gem by Alison Victoria

Gem by Alison Victoria lives up to its name–this tile is a gem! The deep-green, scalloped marble features subtle veining for extra movement and allure. This is the perfect tile for a backsplash.

Scalloped tile half wall with glass shelves with glasses and bar items.
Featuring: Gem by Alison Victoria

Skyline Vintage Patina

The simple lines of the Skyline Vintage Patina mosaic create great geometric allure. We love how the simple black-and-white pattern, reminiscent of Art Deco style, complements the wood shelving on this accent wall.

Bar with black and white mosaic tile wall.
Featuring: Skyline Vintage Patina. Design by: Alison Victoria. Photography by: Peter Wynn Thompson.

Antique Mirror Bevel

Charming and chic, modern and timeless, the Antique Mirror Bevel mosaic tile makes this bar the perfect place to gather with friends. If you’re loving this design, discover more of in our West Bay Homes’ Sun Coast Estate Home Tour.

Bar with mirrored glass tile background.
Featuring: Antique Mirror Bevel. Design by West Bay Homes. Photography by Spacecrafting.

Ready to add mosaics to your room? Schedule a free design consultation to get started on your next project – whether it’s a weekend DIY refresh or a major renovation, our tile experts are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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