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13 of Our Favorite Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas for 2023

Updating or adding a bathroom will add value, convenience and pleasure to your home. Whether you’re designing a powder room or your dream primary bath, we’ve put together a list of our favorite floor tile ideas to inspire your next project.

Go Bold With a Geometric Pattern

Want to make your floor the focal point? A bold geometric pattern is sure to be a show-stopper. Tie it into other design elements in the room through color or pattern, or use white tile or paint on the walls to keep the floor the main feature. Whether you choose bold colors like the encaustic-look Artisan Tiare tile or a black-and-white design, the clean lines of a geometric tile will make your bathroom feel neat and orderly.

Bathroom featuring bold, geometric Artisan Tiare floor tile.
Featuring: Artisan Tiare. Design & Photography by Kate Pearce Vintage.
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Embrace Ultimate Luxury With Marble

Nothing is more luxurious or unique than natural stone, and no stone exudes elegance quite like marble. Most of our marble collections include tile in a variety of sizes and shapes so you can match a square or rectangular tile with a mosaic to create distinction on the floors while still maintaining cohesion in your space. Designer Nikki Chu has done just that in this bathroom covered in floor to ceiling Ashford Cararra. We love how the smaller format hexagon floor tiles provide some relief from the large-format wall tiles. Read A Step Inside: Nikki Chu’s Neutral-Luxe Total Home Reno for more of her design philosophy and inspiring spaces.

Bathroom with grey Ashford Cararra marble wall and floor tile.
Featuring: Ashford Carrara, Ashford Carrara Hex, Ashford Cararra Skirting and Hampton Carrara Shower Curb. Design by Nikki Chu.
A shower floor featuring grey Ashford Cararra hexagon tile.

Create a Coastal Chic Vibe

Want a bathroom that radiates beach vibes year-round? Our Summeland by Jeffery Alan Marks tiles, inspired by the California Shoreline, will infuse your bathroom with warm and inviting coastal charm.

Bathroom featuring Summerland by Jeffery Alan Marks, blue patterned floor tile.
Featuring: Tribeca Gypsum White and Summerland by Jeffrey Alan Marks in Miramar Hex.

Extend the Floor

Tile doesn’t need to stop where the floor ends. If you’re loving your floor tile, take it up the tub or shower wall. The Laura Ashley Sunflower tile on this tub wall is an unexpected detail that adds charm and character to this bathroom. View more spaces featuring tile inspired by the iconic British brand here.

Bathroom featuring Laura Ashley Sunflower blue and grey floor tile.
Featuring: Laura Ashley White Beveled, Laura Ashley Leaf Cloud Blue, Laura Ashley Sunflower Charcoal with Cloud Blue and Imperial Bianco Gloss Square Pencil
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Play With Scale Using Large-Format Tiles

Want to make a small bathroom appear bigger? Large-format tiles require fewer grout lines, making your floor feel more cohesive and your space more expansive. The 24 x 47 in. Aqua Blu tile used in this bathroom designed by Rashida Banks makes this bathroom feel luxuriously spacious.

Bathroom featuring Aqua Blu large-format marble-look floor tile.
Featuring: Aqua Blu and Aqua Blu Mosaic. Design by Rashida Banks. Photography by Perry Peprah.

Add Elegance With Marble-Look Tiles

If you like the look of marble but not the price point, porcelain marble-look tiles, like the Tresana Blanco used in this gorgeous bathroom designed by Brooke Pavel, are a durable and cost-effective alternative that’s sure to dazzle. We have a wide variety of marble-look tiles ranging from crisp white to black. Choose soft, subtle veining or go dramatic with thick, bold hues. Whatever style, marble-look tiles will add a touch of class and elegance to your floor.

Bathroom featuring Tresana Blanco marble-look floor tile.
Featuring: Tresana Blanco and Picket Florencia Super Bianco. Design and Photography by Brooke Pavel.

Create Vintage Charm With Penny Rounds

Small and neat penny rounds are as classic as they are chic. We have a wide selection of penny rounds, mounted on a mesh backing for easy installation. Choose a pre-made pattern or create your own using the wealth of colors available. The delightful pattern below designed by Timber Trails was created using the Penny Round White Gloss and the Penny Round Cloudy tiles.

Bathroom featuring Penny Round Gloss White and Penny Round Cloudy floor tile.
Featuring: Penny Round Gloss White, Penny Round Cloudy and Imperial Bianco Gloss. Design by Timber Trails Development Company, Photography by John and Maura Stoffer.

Keep it Simple With Black and White Patterns

If you want to infuse color in your walls, mirrors or fixtures, a simple black and white tile floor pattern will complement rather than detract from the rest of your room. The Cloth Black and White tile used in this bathroom designed by Zig & Co. adds to the whimsical character of the room, while allowing the bright colors and fun butterfly patterned wallpaper to shine.

Bright bathroom featuring Cloth Black and White floor tile, with yellow sink and butterfly wallpaper.
Featuring: Cloth Black and White. Design & Photography by Zig & Co.

Marvel With a Beautiful Mosaic

Mosaics don’t just make for gorgeously intricate floors, the small tile pieces also require more grout lines, which provides more traction on floors prone to wetness. Mosaic tile comes in a wide variety of shapes–from hexagon to basketweave to petal and more–and come on a mesh backing for easy installation. Choose a mosaic in a mix of colors, like the Modena tile in this shower designed by Nikki Chu, to add exciting detail to your floor.

Shower featuring Savannah Antique wall tile and Modena Marble mosaic floor tile.
Featuring: Savannah Antique, Modena Marble Mosaic. Design by Nikki Chu.
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Create a Classic & Classy Checkerboard

If you want to add character to your floors, a checkerboard pattern is a style that is simultaneously sophisticated and fun. The alternating tiles create a dynamic movement that will enliven your floors with energy and playfulness. Whether you use traditional black and white, a muted white and cream or a bold color paired with a pattern, checkerboard tile is a versatile classic that’s always in style.

Bathroom with black and white marble checkerboard floor and Casablanca Mosaic wall tile. Featuring Hampton Carrara and Black Marquina.
Featuring: Hampton Carrara, Black Marquina, Casablanca Mosaic and Black Marquina Barnes. Design by Timber Trails Development Company, Photography by John and Maura Stoffer.

Mix Colors and Patterns

Have a wallpaper you love for your bathroom? Pair it with a patterned floor tile. When you keep to the same color palette, you can play with patterns and not clash. There’s a lot going on this bathroom designed by Zig and Co., but keeping everything in blue, green and white maintains an intentional design scheme.

Colorful green and blue bathroom featuring Laura Ashley Mr Jones Midnight floor tile.
Featuring: Pillow White, Laura Ashley Mr Jones Midnight, Penny Round Sky Blue, Annie Selke Artisanal Smokey Blue, Annie Selke Artisanal Smokey Blue Moldura Trim. Design & Photography by @zigandcompany

Keep it Neutral

If bright and bold isn’t your style, don’t be afraid to embrace a neutral color palette. Beige doesn’t have to be boring–a fun shape and subtle pattern can add interest to a floor without becoming overwhelming. We love how the Blot Noon Hexagon tile creates a pattern that’s as appealing as it is calming.

Neutral bathroom featuring Bulevar Grey shower tile and Blot Noon Hexagon floor tile.
Featuring: Blot Noon Hexagon, Bulevar Grey and Africa Tempesta Hex Mosaic. Design by Timber Trails Development Company, Photography by John and Maura Stoffer.

Create a Natural Look With Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Want the natural look of wood in your bathroom, but are afraid it will be difficult to maintain in a room prone to wetness? Luxury vinyl flooring is an easy-to-maintain, 100% waterproof flooring option that will mimic the look of natural wood and stone. It is also easy to install, making it a great option for a DIY project. We have luxury vinyl flooring in a wide variety of wood and stone styles, so you can get exactly the look you want.

Bathroom in luxury home with double vanity, bathtub, mirror, sinks, shower, and wood-look luxury vinyl floor.
Featuring: Cyrus Plus Akadia Luxury Vinyl Floor Tile

We hope one of our favorite trends for 2023 sparks an idea for your next project! If you end up using one of these ideas, or a great bathroom floor idea of your own, we hope you will share it with us by tagging us on Instagram–we love to see your tile creations!

You can find even more inspiration on Customer Room Gallery where our tiles are used in a variety of real spaces! Or, if you’re looking for some guidance on an upcoming project, set up a free design consultation to get advice from our tile experts.

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