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7 Absolutely Stunning Jewel-Tone Spaces

Greens that glimmer and blues that shimmer are all the rage for 2023, and we don’t see them going away any time soon. If you’re looking to infuse your bathroom, kitchen or bar with brilliant color, here are seven spaces that will inspire you to embrace this gem of a trend.

Emerald Leaf-Shaped Mosaic Bathroom

Biophilic design is all about bringing the outside in to improve your mood and connectivity with the natural world. The Costa Emerald Mix tile with its leaf shape and deep greens, surrounds this bathroom in dopamine-inducing color and organic beauty. This tile would also look stunning as a backsplash or accent wall.

Bathroom with green leaf-shape tile wall and floor.
Featuring: Costa Emerald Mix and Alison Victoria Precious Metals 24 Karat Pencil Trim.

Bold Sapphire Backsplash

This glossy, sapphire tile adds depth and dimension to the kitchen backsplash. We love how the rounded edges of the shapes soften the hard edges of the tile. The Wave Blue Reef tile looks stunning in this kitchen, but we could easily see how it would create an amazing water-focused moment in a bathroom or shower.

Sink area with wave-shape dark-blue backsplash.
Featuring: Wave Blue Reef.
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Green Gem Bar Back

The Gem by Alison Victoria tile creates a stunning moment as an accent to this bar back. The deep green with soft white veining is an elegant complement to the gold and white wallpaper. We love how the scalloped edges of this tile add interest to this backsplash.

Scalloped green bar back with gold wallpaper wall.
Featuring: Gem by Alison Victoria.

Blue Jewel Patio Table

Tile doesn’t have to be relegated to walls and floors. The Track Stack Navy Blue makes for a beautiful moment on this custom-made coffee table. This deep blue tile is amazing when it captures the light, creating a stunningly bejeweled moment on this patio.

Patio with black and white tile floor and blue tile coffee table.
Featuring: Stream Black Hex, Swan White Hex and Track Stack Navy Blue. Design by Joy Street Design. Photography by Lauren Edith Andersen.

Charming Blue-Hued Bathroom

The variations in surface texture and color of the Marrakesh Blue tile reflect the light creating a charming, bejeweled moment in this elegant bathroom designed by I Spy DIY. We’re obsessed with how this turquoise tile brings to mind both a tranquil sea and a shimmering gem.

Bathroom with blue and white handmade-look square tile.
Featuring: Marrakesh BlueMarrakesh Off WhiteCross Snow WhiteCross Black and Black Marquina Somerset. Design and photography by I Spy DIY.

Marvelous Marine Bar

This beautiful bar designed by Style Jam has us green with envy. We love how the Color Mind Marine tile captures the light, creating a beautifully bejeweled moment. The horizontal stack with white grout creates neat lines that complement the symmetry of the shelves and sconces.

Bar with glossy green subway tile wall.
Featuring: Color Mind Marine. Design and photography by Style Jam.

Shades of Jade Accent Wall

The deep jade coloring of the Look Avio tile makes a charming accent wall in this dining room. This perfectly imperfect handmade-look tile features an undulating surface for gorgeous movement along the wall and color variation that gives it the appearance of an actual gem.

Dining area with dark green accent wall.
Featuring: Look Avio. Design by Timber Trails. Photography by Stoffer Photography.

We hope you were inspired by these beautifully bejeweled spaces. You can find even more inspiration on Instagram and our Customer Room Gallery where our tiles are used in a variety of real spaces! Or, if you’re looking for some guidance on an upcoming project, set up a free design consultation to get advice from our tile experts.

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