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20 Creative Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Pair with White Cabinets

You can’t get more classic and classy than white kitchen cabinets, and when it comes to pairing them with a backsplash, the possibilities are virtually endless. From intricate marble mosaics to dramatic black stone to traditional white subway, the right backsplash will showcase your style and elevate your kitchen design. Whether tackling a remodel or looking for backsplash ideas for your existing white cabinets, these tiles will enhance your kitchen with color, shape and style.

Cool-Blue Backsplash

Blue is a charming and versatile hue that pairs well with white. The uneven surface texture and color variations in the Marrakesh Blue tile complement the white cabinets and window frame in this kitchen with beautiful texture and movement. If you like this color pairing, explore more of our blue tile assortment.

Kitchen counter with white cabinets and square blue handmade-look tile.
Featuring: Marrakesh Blue.

White Subway

White subway tile is a classic and timeless choice. If you’re worried white on white will make your kitchen feel like the middle of a snowstorm, try pairing it with colorful accessories. We love how At Home with Ashley uses color in this charming kitchen, but even small accessories like a red bowl or green tea kettle will pop against white subway tile, and can easily be switched out to fit the seasons or your mood.

Kitchen with white cabinets and white subway tile and colorful accents.
Featuring: Baltimore Beige Wood Look and Regent Bianco. Design by At Home with Ashley.

Stunning Neutrals

This kitchen, with its sculptural white tile and sand-colored subway tile, is the epitome of understated elegance. The soft tones create a calming space that’s still interesting, while the 4-D Nature White tile adds character and texture. Pair this white 3-D tile with the subway tile of your choice for a backsplash that truly reflects your aesthetic.

Kitchen backsplash using a white gloss tile set vertically in a picket shape. Counter is beige on white cabinets with black hardware.
Featuring: 4-D Nature White, Imperial Sand Gloss, Firenze Calacatta Barnes, Firenze Calacatta Somerset, Greige High Pencil Liner, Firenze Calacatta Skirting, Firenze Calacatta and Luce.
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Geometric Black & White Pattern

Want a modern backsplash for your white cabinets? A geometric black and white patterned tile is a great way to add interest without overwhelming with color. This graphic diamond-patterned tile is a bold statement and will look stunning with bright-colored accessories.

Kitchen with a chic black-and-white accent wall. With the diamonds and triangles on this hexagon tile it creates a woven geometric design.
Featuring: Rogue Hex Encaustic.

Shades of Grey

The Victoria Grey Braxtyn Lt/Dk tile shown here uses dark and light grey marble to create a beautiful geometric pattern with wonderful movement. The color palette is soft but still provides some contrast creating an elegant backsplash that pairs perfectly with the white cabinets and steel appliances.

White and grey tile in a pattern kitchen stove backsplash.
Featuring: Victoria Grey Braxtyn Lt/Dk Mix and San Dona. Design by Jaimie Nelson.

Bold Pattern

The simplicity of white cabinets allows for a pronounced approach to your tile, if that’s your style. A striking, graphic pattern like the Nara Arabesque shown here, will showcase your fun and bold aesthetic.

Kitchen backsplash using tile with a bold geometric design in black, grey and white is tempered by the soft, feminine arabesque shape.
Featuring: Nara Arabesque.

A Band of Color

A band of the Chantilly Steel Blue tile in this white wall adds just a pop of color and interest. This example is somewhat muted, but if you’re in love with a color you’re afraid will overwhelm an entire room, a single band against white is a great way to incorporate your personality.

Kitchen area with white subway tile and a blue  border also in this collection.  The floor is a patterned ceramic in charcoal and white.
Featuring: Chantilly Steel Blue, Chantilly White and Laura Ashley Wicker Charcoal.

Charming Handmade-Look Tile

Perfectly imperfect handmade-look tile will add charm and character to your kitchen. The variations in color and surface texture in the Marrakesh Off-White tile shown here create beautiful movement that gives this backsplash a customized, designed appearance.

Kitchen with white cabinets and square white and beige handmade-look tile.
Featuring: Marrakesh Off White.

Chic Chevron

Create gorgeous movement with a neat, geometric chevron tile. These elongated V-shaped tiles naturally move the eye through the room. We love how the grey veining on this marble tile adds visual texture, but a solid color chevron will create an interesting graphic element–for an even more dramatic effect, try pairing it with a contrasting grout.

A kitchen with white cabinets and marble chevron patterned tile with grey veining.
Featuring: Meram Blanc Carrara Polished Chevron. Designed by Nikki Chu.

White Picket Tile

Subway tile with a twist, picket tile is a new design trend that is here to stay. The elongated hexagon shape creates unique visual interest while providing the orderliness of stacked subway tile. If you’re loving this trend as much as we are, take a look at our full assortment of picket tile.

A kitchen wall with white picket tile.
Featuring: Picket Florencia Super Bianco.

Geometric Mosaic

The movement and visual interest in the Victoria Grey Meander tile is practically electric. Elegant grey and white marble combine for a pattern reminiscent of a switchboard or maze. A geometric design is a great way to achieve a look that’s at once bold and orderly.

White 3-D contemporary wall tile on kitchen backsplash.
Featuring: Victoria Grey Meander.

Stand Out with 3-D Tile

3-D tile juts out of the wall creating natural shadows and a wonderful sense of dimension. You can use color, but if you decide to keep your kitchen monochromatic, like the one shown here using the Tangram Asas Bronco 3-D tile, the multi-dimensional shapes will make your backsplash really pop.

White kitchen cabinets with white 3-D tile wall.
Featuring: Tangram Asas Branco 3-D.

White Marble Subway

Subway is popular for its versatility–it comes in a wide variety of sizes, colors and materials. White subway tile is one of our most popular tile styles, but if your style is elevated traditional, marble subway tile like the Firenze Calacatta Honed Amalfi shown here is at once luxurious, elegant and timeless. The dark veining creates an especially striking backsplash for black granite countertops and white cabinets.

A kitchen with white cabinets and a small white marble subway tile backsplash.
Featuring: Firenze Calacatta Honed Amalfi. Design by Timber Trails Development Company. Photography by John and Maura Stoffer.

Marvelous Mosaics

Mosaic tile combines shapes, colors and sometimes even materials to create a beautiful tableau that will make your kitchen a masterpiece. The Sampson Mosaic tile with its basketweave pattern gives this backsplash an elevated traditional look that’s at once intricate and simple.

A kitchen with white cabinets and white and beige marble basketweave mosaic backsplash.
Featuring: Sampson Mosaic. Design by Timber Trails Development Company. Photography by John and Maura Stoffer.

Gorgeous Grey

Grey and white are a naturally elegant combination. We love how the Retro Perla tile creates a soft, understated moment in this kitchen designed by Timber Trails. If you love how this grey backsplash looks with white cabinets, explore our full assortment of grey tiles, to achieve this beautiful aesthetic.

A kitchen with white cabinets and grey subway tile backsplash behind the stove.
Featuring: Retro Perla. Design by Timber Trails Development Company. Photography by John and Maura Stoffer.

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Glossy Pastel Hues

White pairs well with virtually any color, but something about the way the Glass Sky Blue reflects the light, creating a soft glow in this kitchen is especially captivating. If you want to incorporate color into your kitchen but still maintain a calming color palette, a glossy pastel tile is the way to go.

A kitchen with white cabinets and glossy sky blue subway tile backsplash.
Featuring: Glass Sky Blue. Design and photography by Benson Homes.

Classic & Chic Hexagons

Hexagons are a classic shape that’s very much on trend. The Royal White Hex tile shown here is both stylish and playful with the grey and sable brown veining that creates a wonderful sense of movement.

A kitchen with white cabinets and small hexagon-shaped marble backsplash.
Featuring: Royal White Polished Hex.

Captivating Shapes

Unique shapes are a fun way to add a little personality to your kitchen backsplash. From scalloped fan shapes to cross and star shapes to elegant leaf shapes, like the Laura Ashley Leaf Dove Grey shown here, an unexpected tile will add character and charm to your kitchen backsplash.

A kitchen with white cabinets and pale a grey colored leaf-shaped mosaic backsplash.
Featuring: Laura Ashley Leaf Dove Grey. Design and photography by DeShong Construction.

Stone Slab

Create a slab look with a large-format stone or stone-look tile like this gorgeous 12″ x 24″ Calacata Evora honed marble tile. Large-format tiles require fewer grout lines so you can achieve the popular slab look–the effect of a single piece of stone like marble or granite–at a fraction of the cost. Large-format marble tiles will infuse your backsplash with a look of luxury, but for an affordable option that’s also durable and easy to maintain, try a porcelain or ceramic marble-look tile.

A loft kitchen with white cabinets and a large-format marble tiled wall.
Featuring: Calacata Evora Honed. Design by Angelia Guthrie.

Dramatic Contrast

Create a definite mood in your kitchen by installing a black backsplash with your white cabinets. The Noir honed limestone Amalfi tile used in this kitchen designed by Timber Trails is as refined as it is striking. This tile has the ability to make the room appear too dark but the white cabinets make this space feel light and airy just as the dark tile creates the illusion of extra depth.

A kitchen with white cabinets and a black subway tile backsplash.
Featuring: Noir Honed Amalfi. Design by Timber Trails Development Company. Photography by John and Maura Stoffer.

We hope we gave you some ideas for pairing tile with your white kitchen cabinets. For even more inpso, check out these 13 Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas.

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