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7 Spaces That Celebrate Fall

Sweater weather, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and leaves in all their colorful glory–we’re loving the comfy, cozy days of autumn. If this is the season in which you thrive, you’ll love these seven spaces that embrace fall’s neutrals, reds and oranges. Maybe you’ll even feel inspired to incorporate an autumnal color palette for your next tile project.

Chic Rust Hues

The Artisan Tiare tile is used to great effect in this bathroom designed by Kate Pearce Vintage. The rust, cream and charcoal colored pattern makes this space feel calm and inviting. The warm colors make us want to relax in a hot bath on a cool fall day.

Bathroom with orange and charcoal-colored geometric patterned tile.
Featuring: Artisan Tiare and Imperial Ivory Gloss. Design & Photography by Kate Pearce Vintage.

Apple-Red & Pink Blossoms

The deep red and pastel pink pairing gives this bathroom floor, designed by The Gold Hive, an unexpected twist. The Imperial Sienna Hex gives off serious fall vibes, while the addition of the Pink Hex makes this a tile design that’s sure to please year-round.

Bathroom floor with dark red hex with pink hex tile in a flower pattern.
Featuring: Imperial Pink and Sienna. Design and Photography by The Gold Hive.

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Rich Autumn Neutrals

Not all of fall is bright, it’s also the time when we start to embrace more muted, warm neutrals. We love how the flecks of dark brown and light beige in the Terrazzo Bianco Macro create the effect of falling brown leaves against a winter-white background.

Bar area with terrazzo tile wall.
Featuring: Terrazzo Bianco Macro. Design by Susan Hill Interior Design. Photography by Dustin Peck Photography.

Brilliant Harvest Gold

The lustrous Patina Gilded Mirror by Kelli Fontana tile perfectly complements the Splendours Brown tile with its undulating surface texture and glossy finish. Like our favorite fall colors, they combine shine, warm tones and a slightly aged appearance.

Kitchen pantry with handmade-look subway tile with gold patina mirrored tile boarder.
Featuring: Patina Gilded Mirror and Splendours Brown. Design by West Bay Homes. Photography by Spacecrafting.

Vibrant Crimson Shades

The deep, shiny red of the Imperial Sienna Gloss tile is the epitome of autumn. We love how the warm tones and reflective surface of this tile are at once calming and invigorating. Switch out the shower curtain and accessories in this room, and this is a tile that can transition through the seasons.

Bathroom with glossy red square mosaic tile shower.
Featuring: Imperial Sienna Gloss.

Falling Orange Stars

The rust-orange pattern of the Star Oxide tile evokes the feeling of softly falling leaves. This tile is great for a backsplash or accent wall, like this over-the-sink moment, for just a hint of autumn.

Sink area with orange star-patterned tile wall
Featuring: Star Oxide.

Warm & Cozy Tones

Bold veins of gold, brown, grey and ochre create a calming neutral palette in this luxurious marble-look bathroom designed by Nikki Chu. The warm colors create a relaxed feeling, like being wrapped in a comfy blanket on a crisp fall evening.

Bathroom sink with large-format marble-look tile wall with bold gold and grey veining.
Featuring: Macchia Vecchia. Design by Nikki Chu.

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