9 Elegantly Crafted Handmade & Handmade-Look Tiles

Perfectly imperfect handmade and handmade-look tiles are the embodiment of sophisticated charm. The natural variance in color and shape that characterizes handcrafted tiles will give your space a true one-of-a-kind look. Handmade-look tiles capture some of that uniqueness with slight variations that will provide distinction between tiles but with more predictable uniformity. Explore our collection of handmade Zellige tiles and handmade-look tiles, and read on to see how you can style both.

Zellige Tile

What is Zellige tile? Crafted in Morocco, each of these tiles is shaped and glazed by hand resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind look. These tiles come in a variety of colors and shapes, including the popular star and cross shapes, bringing old-world charm to contemporary design.

Zellige Gloss

Available in alabaster, black, dark grey, light grey and white, each of these 4″ x 4″ square tiles is handcrafted creating naturally uneven lines and variances in surface color. The effect on these walls is absolutely stunning! These handmade Moroccan tiles are great for creating an unexpected moment like this recessed shelf or to liven up a kitchen backsplash (below). These tiles are also available in 2″ x 6″ rectangles and 2″ x 2″ square mosaic.

Cream-colored handmade tile recessed shelf with a candle and flowers.
Featuring: Zellige Alabaster Gloss and Alison Victoria Precious Metals 24 Katat Pencil Trim.
Kitchen shelf with square blue and white subway handmade-look tile.
Featuring: Retro Lino and Zellige Dark Grey Gloss. Design by The Whitley Co. Photography by Angela Wade.

Zellige Charcoal Chabone Cross and Star

This classic Zellige pattern will transform your space with old-world sophistication. Install the cross and stars in contrasting finishes for a unique, but subtle pattern, as shown here with gloss crosses and matte stars.

Black cross and star handmade tile.
Featuring: Zellige Charcoal Chabone Cross Gloss and Star Matte.


Do you like the look of handmade tiles, but want a little more continuity? Get the unique character of handmade tiles with less variance in color and size (and a lower price-point) with handmade-look tiles.


These 4″ x 4″ square tiles–available in white, sand and grey–mimic the square Zellige tiles, with uneven edges and variation in color and surface texture, but the differences are not quite as pronounced as in the true handmade tiles. If you like your lines a little more straight and your color a little more uniform, you can’t go wrong with the Riad tile. We love how Rachael Jackson used the Riad White and Grey to create a stunning checkerboard pattern in her kitchen remodel.

White and grey checkerboard ceramic tile wall in a kitchen with green counters and table and chairs.
Featuring: Riad White and Riad Grey. Design & Photography by Racheal Jackson of Banyan Bridges.
Shower with square white handmade-look tile.
Featuring: Riad White. Design by Alison Victoria.
Bright kitchen with white square handmade-look tiled backsplash.
Featuring: Riad White. Design by Timber Trails Development Company. Photography by John and Maura Stoffer.


The Splendours takes subway tile up a notch with perfectly imperfect character. This tile comes in a variety of colors (as well as the traditional white) to suit your style. For an added twist on a classic subway, try the elongated-hex-shaped picket tile.

White and cream handmade-look subway tile wall with white table and plants.
Featuring: Splendours White and Splendours Cream.
Stove and counter top with white tile backsplash and white cabinets.
Featuring: Splendours White. Design by Clark + Aldine. Photography by Josh Stoddart.
Grey grey ceramic subway wall tile features an imperfect handmade look  on this bathroom wainscoting as well as a patterned sqare tile above to add interest. Black wood vanity with vessel since and chrome faucet and white towels.
Featuring: Splendours Grey.
Bathroom with white subway tile and white picket tile.
Featuring: Splendours White Picket and Splendours White.


The Marrakesh tiles will add a wonderful sense of movement to your walls. Available in white, blue and green, the natural color variation in the tiles makes for beautiful kitchen backsplashes (as evidenced below) but we also love how ISPYDIY created a checkerboard pattern for their shower wall.

Blue bathroom with blue and white checkerboard handmade-look wall tile and black and white cross floor tile.
Featuring: Marrakesh Blue, Marrakesh Off White, Cross Snow White, Cross Black and Black Marquina Somerset. Design and photography by I Spy DIY.
Kitchen backsplash with cream-colored square handmade-look tile.
Featuring: Marrakesh Off White
Kitchen with white counters and blue handmade-look tile backsplash.
Featuring: Marrakesh Blue


Available in dark blues, green and white, the Look elongated handmade-look subway tile comes in bold colors with an artisanal appearance that will add texture and charm to your space. We love how the variations in color add character to this kitchen island.

Kitchen with square hand-made look backsplash and island with vertical-stack blue handmade-look tile.
Featuring: Riad White and Look Avio. Design and Photography by I SPY DIY.

Track Stack

The slight shade variation in the Track Stack mosaic tiles creates an artisanal look even as the long thin tiles align with beautiful symmetry. If you’re loving this look, check out the Track Stack Navy Blue tiles.

White mosaic handmade-look tile creates an artisanal charm. Above a shelf with a potted plant.
Featuring: Track Stack White Two Tone. Design by Nikki Chu.

Annie Selke Artisanal

The Annie Selke Artisanal Blue tile shown used in this shower features slightly uneven surfaces for a handcrafted look and unique charm. The slight imperfections add character, but this tile is still even enough to create almost straight lines.

Shower with blue handmade-look stacked subway tile.
Featuring: Annie Selke Artisanal Sky and Pencil Trim. Design by Annie Selke. Photography by Bethany Nauert Photography.


Embrace quiet luxury with the Argile matte subway tile. The slight variations in tone and texture create a handcrafted look that pairs well with the soft, marble-look Livingstone Melange tile.

White wall and sink with a candle and small plant.
Featuring: Argile Matte White and Livingstone Melange. Design by Nikki Chu.

You can find even more inspiration on Instagram and our Customer Room Gallery where our tiles are used in a variety of real spaces! Or, if you’re looking for some guidance on an upcoming project, set up a free design consultation to get advice from our tile experts.

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