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Chris Loves Julia’s Tile-Focused Mood Boards

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been continuously inspired by the timeless interiors created by Julia Marcum, the design mind behind the popular blog, Chris Loves Julia. Ever since partnering with the husband-and-wife duo in 2012 on their very first kitchen remodel, we’ve had the chance to work with them on a variety of projects, including their moody Modern Cottage primary bathroom and a guest bath showcasing marble from top to bottom in their new Modern Colonial home.

This time, we’ve asked Julia to create four tile-focused mood boards, making it easier than ever to achieve her elevated traditional-meets-modern aesthetic in your own homes.

Julia’s Kitchen Mood Board

For this fantasy kitchen, I was very inspired by our current kitchen, but I wanted to give it more of a mid-century modern twist. – Julia

Julia’s choice of the Elisir Royal Fume Chevron wood-look flooring offers a light and elegant base for the moody olive green paint and Petal Emerald Mosaic to bring stunning drama to the space. “How cool would this mosaic tile be as a backsplash?” Julia wrote. “A backsplash is a statement-maker.” If you’re looking for more kitchen tile inspo, explore our 13 Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas.

Julia’s Bathroom Mood Board

This is a very elevated take on a ‘coastal’-inspired bathroom. This is the perfect example of letting the tile set the tone and personality of the space and then making selections that support it. – Julia

“The tile that inspired it all!” Julia wrote about our Zara Blue. “As someone who loves designing with color, this blue tile would make such a statement.” We love a bold tile pattern, and Julia did not disappoint with her choice of this attention-grabbing floral tile. Coordinating it with the neutral Imperial Gris Subway offers an effortless balance of visual interest and calming softness.

Julia’s Dressing Room Mood Board

Everything about this dressing room is feminine and delicate, starting with that jaw-dropping tile. – Julia

Featuring: Lafaenza Oro Crema.

Julia’s dressing room pick, the Lafaenza Oro Crema, offers the best of both worlds – the luxe appearance of natural stone along with the durability of porcelain. We adore the warm, soft accents and furniture pieces she paired with the tile to pull out its shading. “When I saw this tile, my heart stopped. I might have to sneak it into our bathroom/closet remodel next year. It has the most feminine, pink undertones,” Julia wrote.

Julia’s Mudroom Mood Board

This utilitarian space is earthy and neutral, but far from ordinary. The textured tile would make a mudroom feel historic and full of character. – Julia

Featuring: Jerica Ceniza.

Pulling from one of our favorite collections, Julia chose the brick-look Jerica Ceniza for this charming, rustic mudroom. “Subway tile, but make it textured!” Julia wrote. “This almost looks like a herringbone brick, but it’s porcelain. Would bring so much character to a mudroom.

Feeling inspired to bring one of Julia’s mood boards to life in your own home? Schedule a free design consultation to get started.

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