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Introducing The Kelli Fontana Collection

Our exclusive tile collection with celebrated interior designer Kelli Fontana integrates textures for beautiful movement and added dimension. We invite you to explore the entire collection and take a tour through the inspired, thoughtfully designed spaces that embody Kelli’s classic, bold and whimsical aesthetic.

The designer behind Minnesota-based West Bay Homes brought her artfully designed tile collection to life with elegant fluted, mirrored patina and intricate floral designs.

Inspirational shot of a wall with patina mirrored and fluted marble-look tile.
Featuring: Inlay Proper in Naples Beach, Patina Siren Mirror and Tommas Carrara by Kelli Fontana.
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Inlay Proper

The Inlay Proper by Kelli Fontana features a natural stone look with a bone-inlay-look floral design for an ornate, feminine elegance.

Overhead shot of a light brown leather couch and beige with white floral design tile floor.
Featuring: Inlay Proper in Naples Beach by Kelli Fontana.

These tiles, available in Naples Beach (above), Florence Lace and Eden Ode (below), can be installed individually or together for artfully designed patterns.

The Florance Lace and Eden Ode are used here to create an elevated checkerboard pattern that is both bold and whimsical. Watch how the tiles beautifully transition from day to night with subtle shifts in tone.

Dining room with chair and table and checkerboard black and white with floral design floor. The room slowly transitions from dim evening light to golden hour lighting.
Featuring: Inlay Proper in Florence Lace and Eden Ode by Kelli Fontana.

Tommas Classico and Tommas Carrara

The fluted Tommas Classico and Tommas Carrara by Kelli Fontana will enliven your space with natural dimension and shading. The Tommas Carrara features soft grey veining, while the Tommas Classico has a winter-white surface. A foundational element that will complement a variety of design styles, this stunning, marble-look tile is soft and poetic, while still maintaining a strong presence.

The Thomas Classico by Kelli Fontana fluted tile adds texture to this elegant and inviting dining room wall. The large-format tile requires fewer grout lines, making this wall feel tall and expansive.

Dining room with patina mirrored tile arched wall surrounded by white fluted tile wall.
Featuring: Patina Eclipse Mirror and Siren Mirror, and Tommas Classico by Kelli Fontana. Design by Kelli Fontana Vogelgesang.

Patina Mirror

The Patina Mirror tile by Kelli Fontana, available in Siren, Eclipse and Gilded, captures the light, transforming your space as the room dims and brightens. The patina finish gives these tiles an antique appearance, blurring the lines between old and new and creating a chic timelessness.

The Patina Gilded Mirror lends a touch of glitz and glamour to this kitchen backsplash. The reflective surface adds a sense of depth, which transforms the space as it transitions from day to night.

Kitchen with marble counters and backsplash and mirrored patina tile between the backsplash and cabinets.
Featuring: Patina Gilded Mirror by Kelli Fontana. Design by Kelli Fontana Vogelgesang.

The patina tiles are strong enough to function alone, but they also make for a dazzling accent. This pantry uses the Patina Gilded Mirror tile to add shimmer to the design. The patina effect complements the glossy sheen of the Splendours Brown for a sleek, sophisticated space.

Picture of designer Kelli Fontana consulting with a Tile Shop designer at a desk next to a pull quote: "I put so much heart and soul into this collection, and I can't wait to see how others use these tiles in their spaces." - Kelli Fontana

We hope you found inspiration to use the timeless pieces from the Kelli Fontana tile collection in your home or business.

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