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Sophia Bush’s Hollywood Hills Bungalow

We’ll keep this brief as we know you are only here for two things: Sophia Bush and her beautiful California dream home. And let us just say, this house is everything you could want—and then some! If you haven’t already heard, Sophia Bush recently completed the renovation of her mid-century bungalow in Los Angeles, California. She spearheaded this incredible undertaking with the help of her talented friends, Orie Prince (contractor) and Jake Alexander Arnold (interior designer).

Photography by Trevor Tondro. All photography courtesy of Elle Decor.

Kitchen & Living Room

The goal for the kitchen was to design a “really beautiful space for community,” Orie Prince said. From entertaining friends and family to day-to-day use, the 13-foot-long island seamlessly achieves the design team’s intention. Detail after detail, this kitchen has it all.

The interior decor’s large variety of texture and color immaculately replicates the warmth of the outdoors.

Master Bedroom & Bath

From acting to activism, Sophia is what we would call a busy bee. Someone as involved and dedicated as her would most likely want the perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenation. What better place than a master bedroom and bathroom?

Sophia referred to her new master bathroom as “the dream of dreams.” With a space this impressive, she is absolutely right!

We especially can’t get enough of the open, curved shower. Imperial Blush Mosaic beautifully plays off of the bathroom’s warm color palette. The glossy finish adds the perfect shine to help brighten the space.

Home Office

Fun fact: Orie and his team soundproofed the home office so that Sophia could have a space to record her latest podcasts.

Guest Room & Bath

The warm tones from the master bathroom were repeated in the guest bathroom to create the perfect sense of unity. This shower wall is embellished with a dark-hued Imperial Sienna Gloss Mosaic.

Powder Room

If you couldn’t tell by now, Sophia loves color just as much we do. We are mesmerized by this blue powder room. Love the color blue? Check out our blog post that is dedicated to this confident color!

Read the entire story on Sophia Bush’s collaboration with Elle Decor.

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