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Tile For Every Style: Biophilic Design

Strengthen your connectivity to nature and enhance your mood with “biophilic design,” an interior design style that has been around for decades but has seen a resurgence in recent years. As the shift towards working from home has us spending more time in our houses, we’ve developed a collective craving for incorporating more natural elements into our spaces. Biophilic design’s emphasis on forms, colors and materials found in nature makes this more than just a passing fad. Here are six ways you can use tile to create a space that connects you to the natural world.

1. Go Green

No color signals the soothing, serotonin-inducing benefits of nature quite like green. Whether you choose a brilliant jewel tone like the Costa Emerald Mix tile shown here or a muted sage, green tile will bring life to your space and brighten your mood. Shop our full selection of green tile to find an invigorating hue.

Green-leaf wall and floor tile with tub, towels and small green accent table with flowers.
Featuring: Costa Emerald Mix.
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2. Mimic Natural Elements

Immerse yourself with the elements of the outdoors with a textured pebble tile. The Pebble Grey tile creates the feel of a wilderness retreat in this spa-like shower. The textured till massage your feet as you bathe and the earth tones channel the serenity of nature. For more shower ideas, check out 27 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2024.

Rustic shower with beige pebble and stone tile.
Featuring: Grey Pebble Small.

3. Use Natural Forms

Think beyond color and fill your space with natural shapes and textures. The Bardot Grey charming leaf-shaped mosaic tile will fill your space with the organic forms of nature. We love how this tile creates an elegant sense of movement in this space. For organic textures, the Tremezzo Branco tile has a nature-inspired relief that will jump off the wall.

White and Grey chevron mosaic tile behind counter with jar of cooking spoons and small plant.
Featuring: Bardot Grey. Design by Alison Victoria.

4. Embrace Nature-Inspired Patterns

Create a natural scene with a lush nature-inspired pattern. Paired with a bright and fun mural, the Amizonia Emerald Tropic tile shown here creates a tropical tableau in this beautiful bathroom. Browse our full selection of patterned tile to find a botanical print that matches your style.

This bright teal bathroom features a lush botanical patterned hexagon tile.
Featuring: Amazonia Emerald Tropic. Design and photography: Bailey Li Interiors.
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5. Use Natural Materials

Nothing will connect you to the natural world like natural materials. Real stone, like the Siberian Pearl marble tile shown here will fill your space with luxurious beauty and help connect you to the natural world. Marble, slate and travertine tile have unique characteristics and colors that capture the passage of time.

6. Get a “Weathered” Look

Capture the cyclical nature of the wild with a weathered or patina tile. The color variation in the Hackney Jade handmade-look tile mimics the natural fading that occurs with the changing of the seasons. Tile with patina like the Patina Wood Glass mosaic tile captures the beauty of natural wear.

Ready to create a lush, nature-filled space? It’s easier than ever to make your design dreams a reality with our free design services. Or for more inspiration, explore the latest trends with 32 Bathroom Tile Ideas and 30 Inspiring Kitchen Tile Ideas for 2024.

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