Tile For Every Style

Tile for Every Style: Dopamine Decor

The latest trend in interior design is to embrace what makes you happy. Whether it be bold colors, charming patterns or calming neutrals, this design aesthetic is about creating spaces that spark joy as soon as you enter. Keep scrolling for design inspo and tips on how to incorporate tile into your dopamine decor style.

Create a Checkerboard

As classy as it is cheery, a checkerboard pattern will add some fun and whimsy to your space. And this versatile pattern needn’t be relegated to black-and-white floors. Any square-shaped tile can make a checkerboard, so you can mix colors and patterns to create a winning design. You can even stay neutral like Racheal Jackson of Banyan Bridges did for this grey and white checkerboard backsplash. We love how the handmade look tile adds texture to this kitchen wall, and how she used color to create a dopamine-inducing tableau.

White and grey checkerboard ceramic tile wall in a kitchen with green counters and table and chairs.
Featuring: Riad White and Riad Grey. Design & Photography by Racheal Jackson of Banyan Bridges.

Pick Two to Three Bold Colors

A lot of colors can easily become overwhelming. To keep your room from becoming too busy, try sticking to two to three analogous colors (colors that are close to each other on the color wheel). That’s what Zig and Co. did in this bright and fun entryway. A lot is happening in this room, but there are only three colors–blue, green and yellow–which helps keep the room looking cohesive.

Bright blue and green entryway with blue floral patterned tile floor.
Featuring: Laura Ashley Mr Jones Midnight. Design & Photography by Zig & Co.

Use a Colorful Trim

You don’t need to saturate an entire room to showcase your favorite color. A somerset or pencil trim will add a pop of color that can tie into other elements in the room or just provide a point of interest in an otherwise neutral space. This laundry room, designed by At Home With Ashley, uses a single line of pink pencil trim to add color to the marble subway tile design. While Ashley also uses a pink floral wallpaper in this space, a white or neutral colored wall would match the tile just as well.

Laundry room with pink floral wallpaper and marble tile wall with pink pencil trim.
Featuring: Hampton Carrara Subway, Hampton Carrara Cornice and Imperial Pink Pencil Trim. Design by At Home with Ashley.

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Go Bold With Neutrals

If bright colors aren’t your aesthetic, you can still get good dopamine-inducing vibes from neutral decor. Embrace a rich neutral color palette and you can create a space that’s vibrant and feel-good. This ultra-luxe bathroom, designed by Nikki Chu, uses marble-look tile with dramatic gold, taupe and beige veining for a relaxing and radiant space.

Bathroom with bold marble-look tiled walls and natural marble floor.
Featuring: Calacata Evora Honed, Macchia Vecchia 24″ x 48″, Macchia Vecchia 12″ x 24″ and Shapes Elongated Hex Off White Two Tone. Design by Nikki Chu.

Have Fun With Shapes

Shape is another way to bring joy to a space. This Art Deco-inspired bathroom, designed by Bari J. Ackerman, uses tile to create a glamorous backsplash. The tiled arches mimic the rounded shapes of the mirrors and light fixtures, while the individual hexagon tiles add to the vintage allure of this charming room. You can use tile to create shapes, or choose from a uniquely shaped tile for an unexpected look that will brighten your mood.

Pink and white bathroom with hexagon tile backsplash with pink and white tiles.
Featuring: Imperial Ivory Matte, Imperial Ivory Matte Square Pencil, Imperial Ivory Matte Hex and Imperial Pink Gloss Hex. Design by Bari J. Ackerman. Photography by Austin LaRue Photography.

Embrace a Bold Pattern

A bold pattern is a great way to infuse your space with fun and cheer. If you’re worried about overwhelming the room, use a neutral or solid color on the other surfaces. The Laura Ashley Sunflower Charcoal with Cloud Blue patterned floor tile shown here, pairs well with the Laura Ashley White Beveled wall tile for a space that is bright and fanciful, while still being tasteful. Explore our wide assortment of patterned tile to discover a design that fills you with happiness.

Blue and white bathroom with blue geometric floral patterned floor and blue leaf mosaic pattern shower niche.
Featuring: Laura Ashley White Beveled, Laura Ashley Leaf Cloud Blue, Laura Ashley Sunflower Charcoal with Cloud Blue and Imperial Bianco Gloss Square Pencil.
It's better in real life. Order a sample.

Start With a Neutral Base

Even the most charming, joy-filled room can use a place to rest your eye. A neutral tile, whether on the floor or the wall can provide some respite in a busy room. The Baltimore Beige Wood Look tile floor in this room designed by At Home With Ashley, adds to the charm of the pretty nature-inspired wallpaper, without distracting. Wood-look tile and luxury vinyl tile are perfect for adding realistic charm to your space while allowing for more creativity throughout the room.

Dining room with feminine floral patterned wallpaper and wood-look tile floor.
Featuring: Baltimore Beige Wood Look. Design by At Home with Ashley.

Envision Your Space With a Moodboard

Wondering where to start on your new dopamine decor space? Try making a moodboard! Think of the objects, colors and accessories that give you the most happiness and energy. Explore tile in your favorite color, or browse our selection of patterned tile for a design that sparks joy. This style is about using everything in your space to create good vibes. If you’ve gathered your inspiration, or even if you need a little help getting started, you can schedule a free design consultation, our friendly Tile Experts are always here to help!

Moodboard with floral patterned hexagon tile bathroom floor, grey, pink and red color swatches and orange towels.
Featuring: Bianco Carrara Curb, Imperial Sienna Gloss Hex, Imperial Bianco Gloss Hex, Imperial Pink Gloss Hex, Imperial Denim Gloss Subway and Firenze Carrara Polished Skirting. Design and Photography by The Gold Hive.

Found a tile that sparks joy? Order a sample to see it in your space, or use our Tile Visualizer to help envision your project. Need some more inspiration? Explore whimsical patterns in real spaces on our Customer Room Gallery and Instagram. And don’t forget to tag us when you’ve created your own dopamine-inducing room–we love to see your designs!

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