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Tile For Every Style: Quiet Luxury

The hot new trend in fashion and home decor is “quiet luxury,” a style focused on elevated essentials and understated elegance. Like minimalism, this design aesthetic is about paring down your space to showcase a few quality elements, but it’s also focused on creating a space that fills you with warmth, joy and calm. The emphasis on sustainability gives this trend staying power. Quiet luxury is ultimately about creating spaces that enhance your daily routine–embrace this ethos and you’ll have a space that you’ll love for many years to come. Here are eight ways you can use tile to complete your quiet luxury style.

1. Choose Warm Neutrals

Beige tile is back and taking over home decor with its calm, earthy vibes. The creamy, soft palette is soothing to the eye and the mind. This bathroom, created using Coco Canvas tile, is warm, bright and wonderfully tranquil. A single beige color palette is enhanced with the handmade-look details of the tile and the double row of vertical glossy tiles.

Bathroom with beige horizontal matte subway tile and a double stripe of glossy subway tile.
Featuring: Coco Canvas Matte and Coco Canvas Glossy.

2. Select Materials that Enhance Your Environment

This trend is more than just aesthetics, investing in quality materials that enrich your daily life. Think of how pampered you would feel in this shower featuring Grey Pebble Mosaic tile? The soothing texture of the pebbles will give your feet a little message as you bathe, contributing to a lush and relaxing environment.

Corner shot of a shower with grey bench and pebble tile floor.
Featuring: Arctic White and Grey Pebble Small Mosaic. Design by Annie Selke.
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3. Add Small Luxurious Details

If you don’t have the time or the budget for a complete reno, you can find small places to add luxurious touches. A kitchen backsplash or shower niche, like the one shown here tiled in Elia Polished by Alison Victoria, is a great space to infuse a little luxury that will elevate the rest of your space.

Luxurious bathroom with large-format grey tile floors and a shower with white marble-look and black limestone tile.
Featuring: Brick x Brick by Alison Victoria Petal, Elia Polished by Alison Victoria and Alison Victoria Precious Metals 24 Karat Pencil Trim.

4. Showcase Your Personality

Whereas minimalism is about pairing down to the essentials, quiet luxury is about choosing to highlight the pieces that are most meaningful to you. Don’t be afraid to pick tiles that add a little individualism to your home decor. This dining room, designed by Kelli Fontana Vogelgensang, spotlights her signature Gilded Mirror tiles and Tommas Classico fluted wall tile. The effect is elegance that aligns with her personal style. If you love this bold, whimsical and classic aesthetic, explore the Kelli Fontana collection.

Dining room with white fluted tile and gilded mirrored tile.
Featuring: Patina Eclipse Mirror by Kelli Fontana, Patina Siren by Kelli Fontana and Tommas Classico by Kelli Fontana. Design by Kelli Fontana Vogelgesang.

5. Create a Serene Space

Quiet luxury is about creating comfort and tranquility in your home. This bathroom designed by Nikki Chu uses calming neutrals and soft textures for a relaxed, yet luxurious space. Every element, from the wood frame mirror to the grey and taupe veined marble-look tile, complements each other. The effect is a space that feels at once centered and peaceful.

Bathroom with large-format marble-look porcelain tile floor.
Featuring: Argile Matte White and Livingstone Melange. Design by Nikki Chu.

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6. Invest in Quality Materials

No two pieces of stone will ever be alike, so when you choose real marble, travertine or limestone, you’re investing in truly unique tile. Quiet luxury is all about finding your individualism and showing and wearing quality products, and real stone, like the Calacatta Evora marble shown here, will add a sense of authentic luxury to your space.

Open shelving on a white marble wall with a stove and blue pot.
Featuring: Calacata Evora Honed. Design by Angelia Guthrie.

7. Embrace Imperfect Authenticity

Each piece of Zellige tile is handcrafted and glazed, giving it its signature perfectly imperfect look. The Zellige Alabaster Gloss tile shown here epitomizes quiet luxury in its charming imperfections and soft beige coloring. It’s authentic, unique and soothing.

This kitchen wall is covered in glossy beige ceramic handmade Moroccan tile. Each of the square tiles has subtle variation in color and texture, which adds depth to an otherwise simple tiled surface.
Featuring: Zellige Alabaster Gloss.

8. Choose Sustainability

Advanced technology in manmade tiles means you can achieve a gorgeous real-stone look with porcelain or ceramic tiles. Marble-look tiles are durable and easy to maintain, making them a highly sustainable option, especially in high-traffic areas.

Bathroom with tub and small wooden chair. White tile with bold brown veining on the walls.
Featuring: Macchia Vecchia and Calacata Evora Honed. Designed by Nikki Chu.

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