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Tips for Renovating a Small Kitchen

Glass White Subway Tile |Photo: Spacecrafting Photography

Recently, we talked about Kitchen Remodeling 101 with Bria Hammel, our Brand Ambassador. We decided to follow back up with her and talk further, this time addressing a very common problem: How do you renovate small kitchens? We asked Bria for her top three tips – and got an extra one for good measure! 

Color Mind Light BR Gloss Ceramics Subway Tile | Photo: Spacecrafting Photography

1. Maximize storage space.

Work with a designer and a custom cabinet builder to maximize storage space to utilize every square inch of the space in a smart way. Before you start a remodel, especially one as important as a kitchen remodel, make a list of all the ways you envision yourself using the space.

Are you an avid cook? Do you enjoy entertaining? Will you need to incorporate barstools and an island to create an eat-in kitchen? Utilizing the creativity and problem-solving skills that designers and custom cabinet builders have will allow you to come up with a floorplan and cabinetry plan that specifically aligns to your own personal needs.

2. Small square footage? Big style!

When a room lacks in square footage, it can make up for it in style! Smaller spaces are the perfect opportunity to focus on every tiny detail. From custom window treatments, a unique tile backsplash, to luxurious countertops, making every detail a priority can really help the room pack a punch. 

Bianco Puro Combed Hexagons | Photo: Spacecrafting Photography

3. Tile the backsplash to the ceiling.

Bringing your tile backsplash to the ceiling can make your space seem bigger! Sometimes, too much cabinetry can tend to make a space feel smaller and closed in. Choosing a tile backsplash that goes to the ceiling can break that up a bit and create a beautiful design detail that is sure to stand out. If you’re scared about losing storage space, open shelving are a great compromise that will give you ample room for your kitchen pieces while keeping the space feeling bright and open.

4. Hide small appliances!

Hide your smaller appliances (i.e. coffee maker, toaster, microwave, etc.) in cabinetry so that it’s not sitting out and taking up valuable counter space. It seems like every year there is a hot, new appliance that we’re lured into buying (hello Instant Pot and Airfryer!) and although they make our lives SO much easier, they do end up taking up treasured space on your counters.  Also nicknamed “appliance garages”, features like this are a great idea for smaller kitchens.

Having the microwave “hidden” allows for more space on the counter.
Photo: Spacecrafting Photography

With any kitchen remodel, it can be a big undertaking. Thanks to Bria for making it a bit more digestible!

Not sure where to start on your project? We’re here to take the intimidation out of the equation by partnering with you every step of the way. Make a free appointment to talk about your project, either in the store or with a remote consultation, anytime. Schedule a Remote Design Consultation now!

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