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The Versatility of Real Wood Tiles

Natural wood has been an integral part of home design for centuries. The warmth and style wood lends a space used to be incomparable until the advent of realistic wood-look tiles. However, there is an authenticity to real wood that is unique. Structured, architectural tiles made from wood add the same natural warmth to your space in a manageable and easy-to-install material. The Tile Shop carries two different varieties of wood tiles that offer different looks and installation processes.

Gepetto Series

The eight tiles in the Gepetto series feature unique arrangements of cut natural wood pieces that allow you to design with original and contemporary patterns.


This series has a unique (and easy) installation process that is worth noting. Gepetto tiles come with a peel-and-stick adhesive backing. That means no thinset and no grout are required! All you have to do is prepare the wall by cleaning it with soapy water. And, since wood is a natural material, make sure to let the tiles acclimatize to your space for 7–10 days before installation. Tile Shop Design Manager Kirsty Froelich recommends laying out your design on the floor first and using a level so you only stick the tiles once. If you follow these simple tips, anyone can install this beautiful wood tile.

Close up of wood tile

Featured: Arco Acustico

How to Use

Because of the adhesive backing, Gepetto can’t be used in wet areas. However, the easy installation makes them more versatile than your average tile. Think outside the box and create the look of a headboard behind a bed like in the image below. Warm up the space behind a TV with a textured accent wall. Make any nook or wall a statement with wood tiles. Transform a backsplash that isn’t exposed to lots of water into a textured, eye-catching area. You can even frame wood tiles as a work of art and let them speak for themselves. Regardless of how you choose to incorporate them into your space, the Gepetto series affordably dresses up walls with warmth and comfort.

Wood accent wall

Featured: Arco Acustico

Reclaimed Wood

The most unique aspect of our reclaimed wood tiles is their history and the journey they have made to our stores. Decommissioned antique ships are pulled from harbors in Southeast Asia and the wood is removed from the boats by hand before being sorted and cured for 60 days. Finally, pieces are cut, finished and assembled into the mosaics and trim pieces you see today.


Just like the Gepetto series, reclaimed wood should be allowed 7–10 days in your space to adjust to the temperature and humidity before installation. Unlike Gepetto, this collection does not come with an adhesive backing. Instead, use a Taylor wood adhesive to attach the tiles to the wall—no thinset required. Adding finishing nails afterwards will ensure that the tiles are fully adhered. For larger installations, consider placing plywood behind the tiles. A store associate at The Tile Shop can help you choose the best installation method for your project. It’s also important to check your local codes to be sure your project is far enough from sources of heat.

How to Use

Feature walls, commercial spaces, bars, kitchen islands and even ceilings are all perfect places to feature reclaimed wood. Powder rooms also work but avoid using these tiles in a full bathroom where conditions are too wet. The rich, authentic colors of natural wood add uncompromised depth and texture to a space.

Bar detail shot

Featured: Reclaimed Wood Architectural and Hartland Blend Mosaic

A Variety of Styles

Covering your walls with natural wood might give you visions of rustic cabins in the woods, and that is certainly one achievable style that adds lots of hygge vibes to your space. But wood does not limit itself to rustic decor. In fact, any number of styles are possible depending on the rest of your space and what other tiles you decide to use. For example, pairing reclaimed wood with brick-look tile gives an industrial look and pairing a chevron wood mosaic with a subway tile delivers a contemporary feel.

In these examples, it’s easy to see how natural wood tiles can work into different design styles from industrial to contemporary.

Industrial wood

Reclaimed wood is the perfect addition to an industrial loft space. Featured: Reclaimed Wood Chevron Mosaic, Reclaimed Wood Geometric Mosaic, Provenzal Alhama Cotto, Antique Copper Metal Somerset and Imperial Gunmetal Gloss

Contemporary wood

The tile pairings and soft coloring give this inspiration a thouroughly contemporary vibe. Featured: Freccia Bianca Wood Mosaic, Quadrati Bianchi Wood Mosaic, K Wood Light and Bianco Puro Honed Marble Somerset

Ready to get started? Shop all architectural wood tiles at The Tile Shop or schedule a design consultation to meet with a store associate today.

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