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4 Spaces To Add The Effect Of Wallpaper With Tile

Wallpaper is often incorporated into homes to bring the alluring impact of character and color, increasing the overall interest of a space. When we think wallpaper, we think statement. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, easy-to-clean and durable option to jazz up your walls, opt for a showstopping wallpaper effect with tile to upgrade your space. Enjoy these beautiful tile creations that seamlessly mimic the exciting patterns and designs of wallpaper with durable tile.

Create a feature wall

Curate a space that won’t go unnoticed. Tile a focal point using wallpaper-like patterned tile for an elevated effect.

Featured: Pluma.

Replicate the look of wallpaper with a detailed print while providing a durable option for wet areas. Get creative with your design with a standout wall that captures the eye.

Create a unified space with a sleek wallpaper effect. In the photo below, a classic pattern sets the vibe for this kitchen by West Bay Homes.

Take your tile all the way up

Transform your space by covering the upper or lower half of the wall with tile for a modern take on wainscoting. We love the charming lace pattern of the Chantilly Aqua Macrame tile paired with the calming greige subway tile. Can you believe these are tiles and not wallpaper?!

Featured: Saltus.

Taking the tile all the way up to the ceiling creates drama and makes your walls appear taller.  The curved and scrolled motif of the intricate Monroe Marquina Mosaic is inspired by French design. Instantly add glamour to your space with this wallpaper effect tile.

Continue your tile up to the top of the wall by adding a mosaic on top of your wainscot. This softly curved chevron pattern blends perfectly together to create an elegant design.

Add a large impact to small spaces

Make any room a statement by highlighting even the smallest spaces with the effortless flair of wallpaper-look tile.

Design a dynamically detailed wallpaper look in your bar space for a sleek, dramatic effect. 

Decorate your backsplash with a durable, easy-to-clean tile for a long-lasting design that perfectly reflects your style. The timeless colors and chevron pattern of Victoria Grey make a fashion statement that replicates patterned wallpaper.

Add interest in wet areas

Curate timeless and elegant designs in spaces that wallpaper would not be applied, such as a shower wall or kitchen backsplash that are frequently wet or need cleaning. Choose an accent wall and make it pop.

Take your wallpaper game a step further by using this bold look in a wet area. While you would never use actual wallpaper in a shower, you can create an eye-catching look using this intriguing tile.

Featured: Artisan Tiare.

If you love wallpaper effect tiles as much as we do, check out the new Decorandum collection. The tiles in this collection give you an amazing watercolor effect and bring an alluring impact of character and color, increasing the overall interest of a space.

Featured: Saltus, Genius, and Pluma.

At 3.6mm thinness, Decorandum tiles are thinner than traditional porcelain tiles. This allows the tiles to be utilized in normal applications such as jutting up to wainscoting or crown moulding.

Explore the Decorandum collection.

Bring a dramatic wallpaper look to your space using tile today. Schedule a design consultation for tips tailored to your style, or find a location near you.

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